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Real Traffic Driver: Online

Real Traffic Driver: Online

by UniGames Official

Real Traffic Driver: Online
Real Traffic Driver: Online
Real Traffic Driver: Online
Real Traffic Driver: Online
Real Traffic Driver: Online

Real Traffic Driver Online! A fascinating endless race on heavy roadways in the genre of Traffic racer in the first person. Maneuver among urban traffic, earn money, walk away from the pursuit of the police, buy new cars or improve old ones.

The game has multiplayer, which allows you to play on the network with friends and other players! Fight in the race, drag race or go in a free mode with partners.

Key features:

  • Realistic car physics
  • Beautiful 3D graphics
  • Changing the environment in real time
  • 5 game modes: Free, On time, Chase, Network races and Career
  • A wide variety of car traffic, including cars, buses, SUVs, taxis, police and trucks
  • Car tuning and painting
  • Smooth change of time of day
  • Race from the first person
  • Pursuit from the police
  • Online races with real players



  • Tilt your phone to steer
  • Touch the gas button to accelerate
  • Touch the brake button to slow down


  • The higher the speed, the more points and money
  • Drive cars close to get bonus points and money
  • Going to the oncoming lane you can get a lot of points and money
  • Use a game bonus to increase your winnings by 30%

The game has no timers and refueling - for a comfortable game!

We will update the Real Traffic Driver Online on a regular basis, taking into account your suggestions. Do not forget to leave a review!

* Career Mode - will be available in the next updates.

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