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QRKool – Personal Organizer

QRKool – Personal Organizer

by Digitalmarkerters


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QRKool – Personal Organizer
QRKool – Personal Organizer
QRKool – Personal Organizer
QRKool – Personal Organizer

QRKool is a Personal Organizer and our motto is “Neat Better, Live Better.” Our most important value is to help our users “organize, record, find and share” their belongings and items easily. Using camera to record photos of items, this notebook app can make notes so you can find items conveniently. Everyone today has a very hectic life with lots of things to do. We, more often than not, we forget where we placed things regardless of whether they're of daily use or not. 
Virtual Container - Note-taker
It is your personal organizer, a virtual container where you can make notes and categorize your belongings, almost like a physical container. It eliminates the problem of breaking your head over finding something that was stored a long time ago. 
To make a Koolbox. Take a photo of your real closet, drawers, kitchen counters, bookshelves, mini-library, etc. And name it..
Take a photo of the contents. For example, take a photo of a passport and tag/name it “passport”.
Customize your Koolbox by adding more such items, using this note maker.
Make more Koolboxes in our organizer app.
You can also multi-tag a single photo. For example, you can take a photo of the bookshelf and tag many books in the same photo. You don’t have to take many photos. 

The app allows you to share with others in your phonebook. You can invite them using ‘Share Authority’. It has options of ‘Full Control’ and ‘Read Only’. It is similar to sharing documents via Google drive. You can also choose for how long they have access to your account. Therefore, you can work on it like a Group.
If you are way from home you can give the helper ‘full authority’ and let them record and edit items in your virtual container.
Or you can let them ‘only read’, to let them see locations of specific items. 

Let's look at what else this smart notebook can do.
It is also a Planning app. For office-use, it becomes a planning and organizing app. 
The QRKool app makes locating office reports easy. 
If you have forgotten where sales and other financial reports are, you can easily find them on the app. 
Now you don't have to worry about misplacing them because your smartphone always knows where they are. 
And since it is cloud-based you can relocate them years later too. 

For Small Retailers or Warehouse: Warehouse members always find faults with their storage system. And retailers are always worried about the count of stock, they always have to ask their staff to give them item lists. And this confusion, when they have to rely on others to organise and store, is time consuming. 
Retailers can get item lists on their phone. 
It is easily accessible and you don't need to depend on others.
They can use the ‘Full Control’ or ‘Read Only’ options to let their helpers access and find specific items.
They can also access or ‘visit’ their workers’ or helpers’ Koolboxes too. 

This writing app will also help to make portfolios with simple notes about your product. 
You can share product portfolios with your customers. 
This also includes detailed descriptions product prices and products use.
And while conducting business with, say new clients outside office, you don't even have to look for products because they are already with you all the time. 
You don't even have to carry huge portfolios around because it is stored in your cloud. 

The best part of this is that you can type in relative tags to find them whenever you want. You can make changes in QRKool whenever you want. You can also color code or color note and organize them however you want. Don’t ever lose anything now.

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