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Guilty Birds

Guilty Birds

by Claude Newman


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Guilty Birds
Guilty Birds

In Guilty Birds sharpshooter Bowman Perseus is taking a stroll through the Woods when he finds himself surrounded by a flock of angry rogue birds that seem to have just migrated into the Woods. He happily feeds them nuts, but they onslaught him without provocation. This act of vile becomes never-ending as the fluffy birds bruise him up every single day. Grabbing his long archery bow and charging towards the birds, Perseus finally decides to fight back & take his revenge against the birds.

He embarks on a journey into the Woods with his Bow & Arrows to destroy the wicked flock of birds. Help him crush the evil birds and their allies in the deep jungle by firing arrows with your long arrow bow, beat the flock of fluffy birds with your archery skills and make the birds pay for their act of vile.

Will the birds flee or will they continue to trouble you with their antics? Only time will decide. Prove your mettle and take your revenge against the flying birds today in Guilty Birds!


AMAZING POWERUPS AND ADDICTIVE GAMEPLAY - Guilty Birds will keep you addicted for hours at a stretch; fire and glide bow arrows at different angles to hit the flying birds, who can do nothing but dodge.

With powerups, bonuses and a perfect pixel gameplay, Guilty Birds is hard to put down!

UNLOCKABLE ACHIEVEMENTS - Unlock achievements and milestones as your progress and make your way through the game. Earn rewards and share your achievements with friends and family to brag and see who does it better!

ENGAGING TARGETS AND OBJECTIVES - Surpass your own records, beat your friends and achieve in-game targets and objectives to become the best archery sharpshooter in Guilty Birds

GAMEPLAY RECORD, SOCIAL MEDIA SHARING - Record your gameplay, share with friends and family on Facebook and Twitter and see who is a better birdie archer!

Are you are up for the challenge? If so, what are you waiting for? Download Guilty Birds right now, start shooting and firing your archery bow arrows and showing the birds who is the BOSS!

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