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Delayed flights? Rains causing a havoc on traffic? Partying after office?
No worries. We got your back! With Pobyt, now you can address every sudden/ short term hotel needs.

Pobyt is a hotel booking application which lets you hang-out in a hotel room as per your requirement. Pobyt is the only app that lets you book hotel room per minute. Select your check-in time and only pay for the time you use the room.

Your room is ready for you the moment you book. Receive 60 minutes of complimentary travel time to arrive at the hotel.

Our main principle is to offer you a fair price when booking a hotel room. Currently, we are not promising “Minimum Prices Guaranteed” but trust us we will do that soon!

So, who would use Pobyt?

-People interested in swapping expensive overnight stays for power-packed day trips.
-People who want quiet spots with Wi-Fi to crank out work before deadlines.
-Working class people to take a quick shower and change while shifting from daytime to evening meetings or events.
-Business people who are tired of coffee-shop meetings and need a comfortable workspace.
-Travelers stuck with a long layover.
-Individuals on the go in need of a quick siesta, shower or place to unwind.
- Long-distance commuters and families looking for a homely time.

How to use Pobyt?

Find a nearby hotel> Book on the go> Head to the hotel>Do your thing> Checkout

Too tired to travel back?
Post-curfew party?
Too high to drive home?
Need a co-working space?
Want to replenish with a swim?
Have an event after work?
Want to spend time with loved ones?
Got off a red-eye?

Don’t you think you can solve all this by just booking a hotel?

Pobyt allows you to book hotels per minute.

Select your check-in time and only pay for the time you use the room.

Experience a new way of hotelling!

Fares starting at Rs. 2/-* | Instant Bookings | Flexible Check-ins
Pay as much as you stay | More you stay, less you pay | All our hotels accept local IDs

Download th

e Pobyt App, today.

- View Hotels near you

- Select Hours

- Flexible check-ins & check-outs

Gone are the times when you have to pay high hotel rates for the whole day, Book your next Micro Stay with Pobyt.

If you want to book a hotel room with all the amenities, for a few hours, Pobyt App is a fresh innovative option for booking short stay hotels that allows you to book rooms for a few hours at the budget-friendly rate.

Simply open the Pobyt App - choose a nearby hotel - pay and confirm your booking, as simple as that. Check-in and check-out time is instant and flexible. Prices will be charged differently for single and double occupancy rooms. A valid photo ID issued by the state or central governments will be required at the time of check-in. Acceptance of unmarried couples is uncertain and subjected to change per hotel. All these terms and conditions vary from hotel to hotel which is communicated in the app priorly.

Pobyt is the best app to book hotels in India or best for short stay hotels because it lets you enjoy even 5-star hotels at reasonable rates per hour.

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