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Photo Frame - Image Editing App

Photo Frame - Image Editing App

by Ap.ai Private Limited


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Photo Frame - Image Editing App
Photo Frame - Image Editing App
Photo Frame - Image Editing App
Photo Frame - Image Editing App

Photo Frame Photo Collage maker is an easy to use, flexible photo editing and effects tool. This feature rich app is the one stop app for all your photo editing tasks.


✔A rich set of features with 1000+ filters, effects and neon arts to choose from
✔ A powerful, built-in, all-in-one photo editing tool
✔ Lightfx to adjust the lighting of your photos as per your choice
✔ Neon effect to edit your photos into attention grabbing neon art
✔Photo Collage maker to create stunning collages
✔ Auto Blur Adjustments to create amazing blur background effect photos
✔One click background changer to remove and replace photo background in a swipe
✔Glitch Mix filter to add amazing glitch effects to distort your photos in a creative way
✔ One click splash filter to add magical color splash effects
✔One click AI Style filter to include AI generated photo effects
✔ One click Pixar Eye filter to give your photos animated touch like cartoons.
✔One click Art Style filter to convert your photos into beautiful artwork
✔ One click sketch to create amazing sketches from your photos.
✔ One click portrait to add captivating frames to your photos and create a portrait

💡 Choose from a variety of effects in the library to create magic on your photos
💡 Beautiful and variety of light effects with brightness adjustment option

Neon effect
🧨 Make your pictures glow in dark using the neon effect
🧨 Add captivating neon spirals and shapes
🧨 Theme based neon filters to give a special touch to your photos
🧨 Add wings to your photos with neon wings filter
🧨 Play with your photos and have fun

Auto Blur Adjustments
📸 Create Outstanding Photos with auto blur adjustment feature
📸 Adjust the blurriness levels as per your preference using easy slide bars

One click background changer
🖼Automatically remove the background of any image with one touch
🖼Replace the background with image or background color of your choice
🖼 Background Remover App is the premium feature of this photo frame App

Glitch Mix filter
✅Add Stunning glitch effects to your photos
✅ Spice up your pictures with artistic distortions
✅ Beautiful Pre loaded adjustable RGB distortion filters

Splash filter
💥 Add magical splash effects to your photos using our one touch splash filter
💥 Invert colors between elements in the picture using this filter.
💥 give an artistic touch to your photos

AI Style filter
🤖 Create stunning and attractive photo effects using AI powered styling filter
🤖 Just upload the photo and choose from the menu
🤖 with one touch, you can change your uploaded photo into a portrait, cartoon or a pencil art with this powerful AI based feature.
🤖 AI Photo Editing feature makes photo frame superb

Pixar Eye filter
👽 One of the most outstanding feature of photo frame app
👽 Beautifully gives a disney Pixar toon touch to face
👽 Most enjoyable ,fun filled feature of photo editing app.

Art Style filter
🎨 Convert your photos into work of art with one touch
🎨 Art style filter transforms your photo into AI generated art
🎨 Photo Frame app can turn your image on Art.

One click sketch
✏ Photo Frame app can Convert your images into pencil sketch with a single touch of your finger
✏ creates realistic sketches from your photos
✏ Supports both monochrome and color editions
✏ Powered by AI

🖌 Create artistic portraits from your photos using this tool in this photo editing app

Custom Editing Tool

🔧 A powerful in-built editing tool where you can access all the above features in one place
🔧 Useful to apply multiple filters and effects on the same photo
🔧 Photo Frame app has also has crop and rotate feature.
🔧 You can also remove background from image in this Image Editing App
🔧 Suitable to edit the photo in detail, apply multiple effects and customize as per your taste.
Photo Frames is a great photo editing and collage maker app, especially with beautiful sets of photo frames.

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