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Pet Portal

Pet Portal

by jcrsoftware

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Pet Portal
Pet Portal
Pet Portal
Pet Portal
Pet Portal
Pet Portal
Pet Portal

"This app is amazing. I love having all my pets information in one place. My favorite thing about the app is the snapshots. I am able to save pictures within the app. Amazing." - Ms. Tella, 5 stars on AppStore 6/1/16

Pet portal is a modern beautifully designed, most comprehensive, pet managment app to organize all of your pet’s information in one place. Say goodbye to your overstuffed folders of notes and information for your dog, cat, horse, bird, etc. Share photos of your pet on facebook or twitter. Clear and concise graphs to track your pets vitals. Data sent to iCloud with synchronization of data across all your devices. Fun for the whole family to keep track of all your pets. This is a must have app!  Try Pet Portal today! It is the best pet tracker.

Many more features planned! New features added frequently. Please email us or facebook us for any suggestions!


Pet tracking:
* Keep track of Multiple Pets!
* Track your pets license, ID, microchip, etc.
* Take snapshots of your pet and share them on Facebook and Twitter!
* Modern easy to follow graphs to track your pets vitals at a glance.
* Keep notes and photos easily.
* Track the clubs or kennels your pet is a part of.

Medical Records:
*Keep track of your pet's vitals including temperature, weight and L x W x H.
*Track of your pet's vet visits(with itemized costs), dental visits(with itemized costs), medications, allergies, foods, grooming(with itemized costs), vaccines all in one place with photo snapshots.
*Add vaccine due dates, future dental visits, future vet visits to your calendar with reminders.
*Keep track of glucose for pets who have diabetes
*Track your Farrier services(with itemized costs) for Horses.

Do you compete with your pet in events? Keep track of the events and trophies/awards with pictures and you can even post your photos on Facebook or Twitter!
Keep track of all the trophies and awards that your pet has received.

Track your pets activities including feeding, walking, bathing etc.

Share your pets pictures across Facebook and Twitter.

Watch App:
* Timers
* Tip calculators

Modern Technology:
Takes advantage of iOS excellent technology including:
* 3D touch support for iPhone 6s and 6s Plus
* iCloud data sync. Sync your pet data across your iPhone, iPad and iPod. If you accidentally delete or have a new phone your data will be preserved.
* Written in Swift so your app takes full advantage of the performance your hardware can provide!

Thanks to all who have been giving suggestions on how to make pet portal better!

Found a bug? Don't like something? Suggestions? email us at: [email protected]
Please let us know what you were doing. Please be precise about the bug. Also please let us know the model of your device and your iOS version. This helps us to deliver a quality product. Thanks!

Try Pet Portal today!

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