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Persian keyboard 2021 - Farsi and English Keyboard

Persian keyboard 2021 - Farsi and English Keyboard

by Luxury App Store

Persian keyboard 2021 - Farsi and English Keyboard
Persian keyboard 2021 - Farsi and English Keyboard
Persian keyboard 2021 - Farsi and English Keyboard
Persian keyboard 2021 - Farsi and English Keyboard
Persian keyboard 2021 - Farsi and English Keyboard

Privacy Policy of Persian Keyboard
Farsi Keyboard is completely safe because it never collects any personal information from users such as passwords, credit card numbers, keystrokes, or any other kind of personal data such as images, videos, emails, microphones, and cameras.

Persian keyboard
Welcome to the new version of PERSIAN KEYBOARD APP 2021. If You Want to Write and type messages in Persian language and Farsi text words. Send a message, email, and update status in Farsi and More…

Then you are at the right place. PERSIAN AND ENGLISH LANGUAGE KEYBOARD FOR ANDROID is all in one and lightest app with ready to use Persian typing and Farsi keyboard for the Farsi language.

The Persian keyboard 2021
Persian keyboard 2021 is a new version of 2021 Updated. This Persian and English keyboard 2021 is the best and fastest Android keyboard for writing Farsi & English with full Persian characters support on just one layout as compared to the Persian keyboard old version 2020.

Farsi Keyboard 2021
Persian keyboard is also known as Farsi Keyboard 2021 is the easiest and fastest dual Android keyboard for writing Persian-English, with support for all Persian characters on a single interface.

This Farsi Keyboard 2021 is one of the best Farsi language keyboards with equipped with the most extensive features, including a regular Unicode character set, science and mathematical operators and symbols, theme customization, interface customization -Standard mode and -Full pad mode, quick clicking, simple to manage, fast language switching with high performance, and support for Multi-Language on a single keyboard!

Features of New Version of Persian & Farsi keyboard 2021

Type Smart and intelligently
It saves you time! Among keyboard applications, it is the first to have the Smart Reply feature. The smart Persian language keyboard helps you improve your typing habits by allowing you to type more correctly and conveniently.

Amazing Farsi Fonts
This large keyboard protects your vision and eliminates eye pressure by allowing you to change custom and different fonts like others. On text printing, the best Persian and English language keyboard are Farce, keys are gently pressed, and the keyboard's scale and font can be adjusted.

Auto-correction feature in Farsi
Are you annoyed by typing errors? Not like the Persian-English Emoji and Gif Keyboard! It corrects the typos automatically, allowing you to connect more quickly and easily.

Amazing Emoji & Gif Keyboard
Farsi Persian and English keyboard featuring a stylish and beautiful artist emojis and gifs to Teach Persian typing.

Some Others Functions of Persian and Farsi Keyboard

Persian Typing Keyboard: Use the Free Persian Language Keyboard to write in Persian.

Persian Typing Keyboard: Trending Persian Typing Keyboard 2021: Quick Typing

Persian Language Keyboard: Free Persian and Farsi keyboard 2021 with all offline functionality.

Persian Language Keyboard 2021: New Persian English Keyboard with Dictionary and Autocorrect.

Persian Keyboard 2021: The Best Persian typing Keyboard contains over 1000 Emojis, stylish stickers, and adorable emotions Emojis.

Persian Keyboard 2021: A free Persian typing software that suggests words to help you express yourself in your own language and save time while typing.

Using the Persian Language Keyboard, you can turn from Persian to English.

Nice keyboards app converts text messages using a fun emoji keyboard. Must download and Install Persian and Farsi keyboard 2021 with the new advanced feathers – then leave a comment for us.

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