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Orbit Challenge

Orbit Challenge

by GoodSoftTech

Orbit Challenge
Orbit Challenge

Are you bored with Temple Run, Follow the line or Flappy bird? Now it’s time for Orbit Challenge! A challenging free game that will instantly hook you on! It may look simple, but this free adventure game will make you want to smash your device after each crash! Test your reflexes as your space rocket races around the orbit – simply click to change the path of your flight. It’s insanely difficult, but hey, we all know Temple Run was just too simple.
Orbit Challenge is the newest hit from GoodSoftTech. This free adventure game has one goal – to avoid crashing your space rocket as you circle round the orbit. It may sound simple, but the skills required to do so are those of Captain Kirk and Han Solo combined! So try your hand in Orbit Challenge and see how good of a spaceship pilot you are.
As your spaceship circles round the orbit, all you need to do is to avoid the obstacles by clicking anywhere on the screen. The hardest part is that the spaceship does not slow down. There are no additional bonuses and powers like in Temple Run. It’s just you and your space rocket trying to avoid the space debris! How fast are you in your reactions? How many points can you score? Dash around the obstacles as fast as you can, and try to beat your friends! Or wait to see the exploding rocket when you crash!
Orbit Challenge Features:
• Free game
• Fun for all ages
• Easy to use
• Insane difficulty
• and a lot of explosions when you crash!
During playing, you may get so angry that you smash your device
It may destroy friendships more efficiently than Mario Kart
You may lose track of time
Serious risk of game addiction www.goodsofttech.com

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