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Offer Me Loan

Offer Me Loan

by Fileian Ventures Private Limited


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Offer Me Loan
Offer Me Loan
Offer Me Loan
Offer Me Loan
Offer Me Loan
Offer Me Loan

OfferMeLoan, India’s first Platform to help loan seeking borrowers such as Self Employed & Salaried young professionals to save their time, travel & struggle by getting consulting from nearby Bank Certified Loan Agents who can process their loans via Banks & NBFC tie-ups ranging from ₹1 Lakh to ₹100 Crore.

Loan Features:
● It's Quick.
Complete the loan request in 4 steps with priority consulting via loan agents in minutes as fast as a lightening with Doorstep Service. They also help you resolve your documents or CIBIL issues

● It’s Flexible.
Select your most preferred & verified loan agents among multiple options nearby you. Save time, travel, struggle & money by in App Document Sharing or storing with Confidential and Secured Drive

● It’s Digital.
Apply for the loan & track the loan processing until disbursement by a simple click on the app. Request multiple loans for multiple times to multiple loan agents for consulting.

● It’s Completely Personal.
Directly Call, Chat or Meet with Loan agents as per your convenience to discuss your need.

● It’s User-Friendly.
Both Hindi version and English version are available.

The interest rate ranges from
✔ 12% per annum to 25% per annum (APR) for Personal Loan & Business Loan
✔ 8% per annum to 15% per annum (APR) for Home Loan
✔ 10% per annum to 25% per annum (APR) for Car Loan & Vehicle Loan
✔ 9% per annum to 14% per annum (APR) for Mortgage Loan
✔ 10% per annum to 19% per annum (APR) for Gold Loan
✔ 8% per annum to 14% per annum (APR) for Education Loan
✔ 8% per annum to 13.50% per annum (APR) for Loan Transfer

The repayment tenure is decided by the Banks & NBFCs who provide loans which ranges from
✔ 365 Days to 5 Years for Personal loan & Business Loan
✔ 5 Years to 30 Years for Home Loan
✔ 2 Years to 7 Years for Car Loan & Vehicle Loan
✔ 3 Years to 18 Years for Mortgage Loan
✔ 30 Days to 365 Days for Gold Loan
✔ 365 Days to 15 Years for Education Loan
✔ 5 Years to 30 Years for Loan Transfer

Fees & Charges:
OfferMeLoan only charges ₹60/- as app convenience charges (loan request inspection charges) by loan agents. We also offer free loan request submission towards loan agents by adding it into waiting list.

The charges and repayment tenures depend on the Banks, NBFCs and repayment ability of the customers. A small processing fee is charged by Banks & NBFCs. Overdue Penalty is only charged when someone delays their scheduled payment as per Banks & NBFC Policies. In addition, GST will be applicable only on the processing fee and convenience fee components according to Indian laws by Banks & NBFCs.

Sample Interest Calculation:
If the principal amount is ₹1,00,000 and the interest is 15% per annum; and the tenure is 365 days, then the overall interest payable is ₹22.76 per day x 365 days = ₹8,310 + ₹1,00,000 = ₹1,08,310 only. The Monthly EMI will be ₹9,026/-
Processing fees or Settlement fees will be from 5% to 10%.

✔ Indian resident with above the age of 18
✔ Salaried or Self Employed Individuals
✔ Minimum monthly salary ₹20000 or Annual Income is below 3.6 Lakh
✔ Employed since 1 year in existing company.
✔ CIBIL Score above 650

How It works:
1. Install OfferMeLoan APP from the Google Play store
2. Register the APP with personal details
3. Select the loan agent after comparison
4. Check loan probability counter & Apply for loan processing request.
5. Add Loan to Priority Processing or Waiting List
6. Start consulting with Loan agents on Call, Chat or by Meeting Personally.

Security, Privacy & Terms:
✔ Data security & privacy is given top priority. We comply with the highest security standards & protocols. All transactions are 100% secured.
✔ Loan Processing Approving or Rejecting is dependent on you CIBIL/Documents Statement verified by Loan Agents/Bank/NBFC.
✔ We are not Responsible if your Loan Request is Not Accepted or Rejected Due to Low/Negative CIBIL Score by Loan Agents after inspection.

For more information please visit

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