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Muslim Athan & Ramadan 2017

Muslim Athan & Ramadan 2017



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Muslim Athan & Ramadan 2017
Muslim Athan & Ramadan 2017
Muslim Athan & Ramadan 2017
Muslim Athan & Ramadan 2017
Muslim Athan & Ramadan 2017
Muslim Athan & Ramadan 2017
Muslim Athan & Ramadan 2017
Muslim Athan & Ramadan 2017
Muslim Athan & Ramadan 2017
Muslim Athan & Ramadan 2017
Muslim Athan & Ramadan 2017
Muslim Athan & Ramadan 2017
Muslim Athan & Ramadan 2017
Muslim Athan & Ramadan 2017

Muslim Athan is the comprehensive Athan app that contains useful features such as Islamic Prayer Times, Qibla Direction Finder with compass, Islamic Calendar to find the islamic date from Gregorian calendar. This app is also providing Ramadan 2017 timings, Monthly Prayer Timings and Nearby Mosques around your location. Along with these nice feature it also provide 99 Names of Allah with text and audio and also provide Tasbih counter to recite Allah Names. This is the best app to assist muslims prayers!

Islamic Prayer Times:
- Show the times for the Fajr, Sunrise, Dhuhr, Asr, Maghrib and Isha prayers
- Accurate prayer time calculated depending on your geographic position
- Get Prayer timings for thousands of cities worldwide
- Hear the Azan for every prayer time
- Highlight upcoming prayer time and also show remaining time in prayer
- Monthly schedule for prayer time provided separately
- Beautiful widgets provided that will allow user to show Prayer Times directly on the home screen

Prayer Time Settings:
- Ability to adjust prayer times manually
- Turn On/Off sound for each prayer in one touch
- Changing default settings of prayer calculation method and Juristic method
- Display 12/24 hours format
- Activate / Deactivate the Daylight saving time
- Enable / Disable the Prayer Times notification from setting

Qibla Finder:
- Use the compass to know in which direction to pray
- Provide the accurate Qibla direction with compass pointing to Makkah location
- Qibla Compass also providing the degree of angle from North direction
- Shows degree of angle from Makkah based on device’s position

Mosques Finder:
- Have you ever been in a new place and don’t know about the nearest mosques to pray then this app provide the nearest mosques around you
- Provide the direction to the nearby mosques along with the accurate distance and also show the address
- Also provide the list of mosques around you in map view as well as in the list view
- Option to open the mosque directly on Google Map
- It is based on google map places to show the accurate location

Islamic Calendar:
- Show clean islamic calendar with accurate islamic year, month and date
- Enjoy the Hijri-Gregorian date converter
- Interactive Islamic Calendar that allow user to change any date to see respective date in English Calendar
- Provides upcoming Muslim Holidays / Islamic Events with Hijri and Gregorian dates

Ramadan Timings:
- Provide accurate Ramadan timings for upcoming Ramadan 2017
- Separate timing for Suhoor and Iftar time
- Fasting times (Imsak and Iftar) during Ramadan
- During Ramadan, fasting should start with the Fajr azan and stop at the end of the Maghreb azan
- Listing of Ramadan month date along with the English Calendar date

Tasbih Counter:
- Tasbih to count your dhikr or recite allah’s name
- It can create as many Tabih as you want
- Select the type of Tasbih such as Allah’s Name, Verse/Surah, Durood and Kalima
- It is also managing the history log that refer you when and how much Tasbih you recited in the past

Names of Allah:
- Read 99 Names of Allah (Asma Ul Husna) in Arabic, English with meanings
- Discover meanings of all the names of Allah in nice looking user interface
- Asmaul Husna with synchronized audio for most names
- Listen to the audio for each name and easy to play/pause

- For an accurate prayer time & Qibla direction, please ensure that your location settings and your Internet connection or your GPS are enabled!

Download and recommend this app to your friends and family.

If you find any issues in the app or you have any suggestions then feel free to contact us anytime and we will try to solve the issues at the earliest. May Allah bless us all.

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