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MPPA Lite - Inspect Real Estat

MPPA Lite - Inspect Real Estat

by Digitalmarkerters

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MPPA Lite - Inspect Real Estat
MPPA Lite - Inspect Real Estat
MPPA Lite - Inspect Real Estat

The world’s fastest building inspector app has arrived MPPA Lite or My Property Partner App - Lite

This exciting new app is tipped to change an industry! We're putting the power and control in the palm of your hand.

The perfect solution for Home Owners, Home Buyers, Property Investors, Landlords, Tenants and Real Estate Agents in dwelling or buying.

When it comes to saving time, the new My Property Partner building inspector app is leading the world in this area. The effectiveness of this application has been applauded by many in the real estate industry in terms of leasing and buying. It is time and cost savings are evident to everyone using it in terms of residence.

The fact that it's a stand-alone application, with in-built intelligence and doesn't rely on internet, cloud or WiFi connection to function, making the My Property Partner App is one of the most exciting and useful tools to enter the real estate market and hiring inhabitant service in a very long time.

The sheer flexibility of this app makes it a must-have for Home Owners, Accommodation Buyers, Real Estate Agents, Buyers Agents, Investors, Tenants and Landlords alike. Everyone has a reason to use and benefit from using the new My Property Partner App. It’s an easy way to avail sublet and buying service. 

You can now unlock the full potential of the home you're buying, selling, dwelling or managing housing by having a comprehensive building report at your fingertips at all times

Having documented evidence in any negotiation puts you back in control and a comprehensive house inspection report can be a very powerful negotiating tool for residency.

Being able to get your report quickly can be the key to securing a great real estate deal or protecting your family home.

Key Features:
- Add interior details of rooms
- Adding exterior details of the area
- Option to rate and generate checkers
- It also works in offline mode
- Add photo using the camera or from the gallery
- Choose your own dwelling type

MPPA Lite for Home Owners

No need to try and keep up with the Jones! Using MPPA Lite you can now prove how good your home really is.
Use MPPA Lite to find out. How does your home rate? How does your home compare to your neighbours? How does your home compare to your friends and relatives?

The report can also be used to document a maintenance list for spring, summer, autumn and/or winter.

For Home Buyers

As a home buyer, you can use this new Building Inspector App to do initial inspections of potential properties you're interested for sublet or buying.

MPPA Lite will help remove your rose coloured glasses and focus your attention on what really matters. All defects that need repairs.

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