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Moose & Zebra Kids Magazine

Moose & Zebra Kids Magazine


Moose & Zebra Kids Magazine
Moose & Zebra Kids Magazine

Moose & Zebra is a unique interactive educational magazine for kids.

A variety of exciting activities will be found in this magazine all aimed at developing kids logical, math, memory and fine motor skills. Each issue is devoted to a different topic and has a number of amusing facts on nature, history, geography and traditions.

Kids will enjoy activities such as counting, connecting dots, coloring, identifying shapes, finding the only way through a maze, spotting differences and many more.

Parents and kids can read the magazine together. The voice-over can be switched off if desired. Children can also “read” the magazine completely on their own. All the activities are fully voiced. Every correct tap is rewarded. A hints mode can be switched on for a little extra help. Information on each page can be skipped over by tapping on the text just in case you already read that part of the magazine.

Free Issue:

Moose & Zebra. Africa is the first free issue of the magazine. Kids will travel to Zebra’s homeland and learn who the fastest runner in Africa is, why geckos do not fall from the ceiling, whether elephants can jump and much more.

In-App Purchases:

Moose & Zebra. Sweden - children will learn what a dala horse is, what the national flags of the Scandinavian countries look like, who lives in the Swedish forests, what weapons the Vikings used and much more.

Moose & Zebra. Dinos - young readers will meet 14 different dinosaurs and learn what they ate, what their names mean, what their main peculiarities were and much more. Children will reconstruct skeletons, feed dinosaurs, walk through the forest full of hungry predators and have fun with Moose and Zebra.

Key Features:

- Amazing activities to improve kids memory & skills
- Various mini games for toddler
- User-friendly app interface
- 2 cute characters
- Breathtaking illustrations and animation
- All activities are voiced and have a hints mode
- No third-party advertisements

All issues of Moose & Zebra Magazine are full of exciting activities and amazing facts.
This is recommended for +3 age group kids.

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