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Memory Test Game

Memory Test Game

by Ninth App


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Memory Test Game
Memory Test Game
Memory Test Game

Ninthapp have a brand new memory test game to help you improve your memory and concentration in a fun way!


Studies show that most people store an average of 7 digits in our brains at a time. To improve this, you can train your brain to go further using Ninthapp’s memory exercise app. It’s important to keep your mind healthy and sharp. You only need do this kind of mental exercise 1/2 times a day in order to improve your memory and help prevent your mental abilities from stagnating and declining! Plus, the other good news is brain training is fun!

• Workout your brain to improve your memory and concentration.
• A fun memory test and game to prevent your mental powers from stagnating.
• Keep your memory healthy and sharp.
• Challenge your friends to see who has the best memory skills.
• Memory exercise helps you to increase your focus.
• Exercise your memory once/twice a day to help increase your mental abilities.

How to play:

At every level, a sequence of numbers will flash in the tiles for 3 seconds. Memorize them, then tap or slide them, using your finger, into the correct blank tile space. The aim is to complete the same sequence in the order you saw them at the start. You are given 20 seconds to complete the first level, with time slightly increasing on each new, harder level.
Levels start with 2 numbers, progressively increasing one at a time, so it becomes more and more difficult to challenge your short term memory skills.

Some rules to consider:
– Earn 1 life for each level completed.
– Lose a life for every incorrect number you slide into the wrong tile.
– Lose a life every time you use the flash number refresh reminder.

With memory, like everything else, practice makes perfect!
Share your memory scores on Twitter & Facebook and challenge your friends & family!

Find more apps and games in the ninthapp.com app store.

Share your memory scores  on Twitter & Facebook.

Find more apps and games in the ninthapp.com app store.

Worried about your memory?

Find out more about the signs of Alzheimer’s, dementia, and what you should do if you are concerned about your own, or someone else’s memory visit Alzheimer’s Society

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