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Medbuzz - Generic Medicine App

Medbuzz - Generic Medicine App

by Medbuzz


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Medbuzz - Generic Medicine App
Medbuzz - Generic Medicine App

Medbuzz is an online generic medicine app and online generic medicine store in pan India.

Buy Online Generic medicines at the best prices from our online pharmacy App. Download App now

Medbuzz is India's first E-health platform gaining satisfied customers day by day. This app provides Generic medicine online in India. It is a one-stop shop for quality Generic medicines online at affordable prices delivering all India over 11000 pin codes.

Medbuzz offers online medicine delivery app of Generic medicines, Purchase Generic medicines online & get delivered to your home
Our mission is India switch to Generic medicines

Medbuzz- Generic medicine app strongly believes that every individual deserves quality and affordable health.

Medbuzz App Features:
Customer safety is our top priority

Top Features
In the Medbuzz App you can search with your known product name or molecular name and you can see our best quality generic/ substitute with all price details. Medbuzz is the best online generic medicine store

2. Upload Prescription:
Your safety is a top priority
1] Users have permission of adding Rx products to cart, by uploading the doctor's note/ image of your required medicines,
2] Our pharmacy team provides support at any point of time to suggest the right substitute and adds the right substitute of your medicine to your cart. Also call back to you and provide you with all the details.
3] Users have permission to alter the quantity/ add/ delete the products and simply checkout.
4] Users can refill every month simply by choosing the REORDER option.
We feel proud for taking a step in revolutionising Health care.

All other OTC products like health supplements, devices available at great discounts. Medbuzz is the best alternative of janaushadhi store online app.

We offer a flat 50% to 80% discount on most of the products. All products are delivered to your doorstep. Best alternative of janaushadhi online App

Order Generic Medicines Online
We maintain the widest range of Generic medicines at affordable prices, authentic & quality checked, expiry checked by our pharmacy team before they dispense to you.

Share & Earn
If you want to give your friends & family quality and affordable health, please share with them.
We strongly believe everything is not profit-driven and yes it's our responsibility to share a good thing.
We are the trusted online pharmacy App & healthcare App for Generic medicines. We are an alternative janaushadhi online App. We provide 100% genuine guarantee for all products on our online pharmacy App.

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