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Deadly Wild Dino Simulator 3d

Deadly Wild Dino Simulator 3d

by iDivine Creation

Deadly Wild Dino Simulator 3d
Deadly Wild Dino Simulator 3d
Deadly Wild Dino Simulator 3d

Aim and Shoot for hunt or be hunted! It is unique game-play simulator. Lets hunt the biggest and most dangerous wild animals in the world.
Latest dinosaur simulator from the Jurassic era. Have the Hunting experience of your life, hunt down dino running about the African jungle. 
Embark on the Dinosaur chase deadly hunting adventure. Enjoy the deadly attack on triceraptops , velociraptor , pterodactyl in this dino run game.
Help him hunt and survive. He also has to match the speed of cheetah and other wild animals.
Hunt or be hunted! Enjoy this dino safari adventure and go absolutely crazy hunting other preys in your way as a true dinosaur assassin.
You are an angry and looking to slaughter anyone who comes within your sight. Close in for the kill.
Race and run around the huge forest map to hunt down and slice into your next victim. 
Go on hunting and look for your next innocent target mission to enjoy the trace.
Deadly Wild Dino Simulator 3d is filled with different type of animals, you can jump, pounce and scratch, a map is provided to scale the whole forest to find the target to catch.

If you enjoy playing Goat Simulator, Shark Simulator, safari wildlife adventures of crocodile, anaconda and angry elephant then you will love playing the real simulation.
This game combines the elements of action rampage style games with the best adventure games. Startling 3D effects!
This is a complete action packed games for teens and grownups with cool HD graphics.


* You can use the joystick, on the left to move

* Run button on the right to make it speed and swipe to look around

This Deadly Wild Dino Simulator 3d has been designed for all teenage boys and girls, Even adults will enjoy the different dinosaur chase and map hunting

3D action. Download today this dinosaur game.
We think this game has many fun elements, we hope you do as well.
It also pushes the performance limits of most devices. If you have a slow and underperforming device, it is unlikely this app will work.


• Awesome action packed levels.
• Different deadly attack with no blood shed
• Realistic graphics of Real dinos
• Keep a record of your hunting success.
• Fight with other animals
• Smooth controls

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