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MeDAS - Social Health App

MeDAS - Social Health App

by MeDAS - Social Health App


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MeDAS - Social Health App
MeDAS - Social Health App
MeDAS - Social Health App
MeDAS - Social Health App
MeDAS - Social Health App
MeDAS - Social Health App
MeDAS - Social Health App
MeDAS - Social Health App

MeDAS is a cutting-edge digital health platform that enables users to create and maintain their health records in one place using a single QR code. The platform offers various features, including symptom logging, health evaluation, and expert health profiling. MeDAS also creates a virtual health avatar that grows with you and provides a social space for doctors and patients to connect.

Why Choose MeDAS?

  • Join a social health community where individuals with similar symptoms can connect and support each other.

  • Keep track of your medical history by uploading previous medical reports, prescriptions, and medications.

  • Access a unique platform for doctors to connect and share medical information.

  • Maintain a proper health report database with a unique patient ID and QR code for quick and efficient treatment.

  • Get a virtual representation of your health information through the Health Avatar feature.

  • Earn cashback in your MeDAS wallet for contributing to the app and referring others.

Components of MeDAS

  1. For Patients

  • Social Health: Share your health symptoms and medical history to connect with others.

  • Medical Database: Create and share your health database through your patient ID or QR code.

  • Symptoms Logger: Log your symptoms and receive advice from expert medical practitioners.

  • Health Avatar: Get a virtual representation of your health information.

  • Systemic Checkup: Run diagnostic tests after submitting lab reports.

  • Social Community: Create a social community to share your health information and connect with others.

  • Digital Healthbank: Save all your health consultations in MeDAS's social health digital locker.

  • MeDAS Health Wallet: Get cashback for contributing to the platform.

  1. For Doctors

  • Patient Database: Access the patient database using a unique patient ID or QR code.

  • Case Catalogue: Share rare and interesting cases with other medical professionals.

  • Doctor Community: Connect with other medical practitioners on the platform.

  • Doctor Login: Only qualified doctors can register using their medical registration details.

  • Health Videos: Create educational videos to raise awareness about specific illnesses or symptoms.

Join the MeDAS social health community and access a wide range of features, including symptom checkers, health profile creation, and expert medical advice. Keep track of your health by maintaining a proper record of your medical history and connect with medical professionals through the platform.


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