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Maps, Navigation, GPS, Travel & Tools

Maps, Navigation, GPS, Travel & Tools

by brandnexa


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Maps, Navigation, GPS, Travel & Tools
Maps, Navigation, GPS, Travel & Tools
Maps, Navigation, GPS, Travel & Tools
Maps, Navigation, GPS, Travel & Tools
Maps, Navigation, GPS, Travel & Tools
Maps, Navigation, GPS, Travel & Tools
Maps, Navigation, GPS, Travel & Tools

Instead of installing many apps for your daily work, we are bringing you all in one app for all your Maps, Navigation and Travel Tools. This app will provide you 17 different tools for your daily usage.

If you want to know your current location, if you want to find any address, Maps are very key to find. You will get to access various map type using this google map functionality. You can find satellite maps, terrain maps, hybrid maps, street maps etc.

With out a navigation, it’s not easy for us to travel in an unknot city so navigation will help you to find driving directions from any point to any other point on the map. You have to select the starting point and ending point to fetch driving directions on the map and it will fetch directions using google map api and show you the driving direction like bike routes, car routes, train routes, pedestrian routes.

Point of Interest (POI):
When you’re in a new place and you want to know restaurants, near you or if you want to find rotes or if you want to know any kind of place of interest this point of interest will help you to find a best suitable place for you. You can search for hotels, restaurants, movies, temples, bus stops, airports, fuel stations, fire stations, hospitals, pubs, bars, parking, car rentals and many more.

Location History:
While you travel everyday, you can remember where you're at in any given point of time and date on the map so its easy for you to track by saving location history on the map. Using your phone gps you can track all your visited locations on daily basis.

My Location:
If you know your current location then its easy for you to say or share your current location information with your family and friends.

Traffic Alerts:
While you traveling from home to office or office to home, it’s important to know the traffic conditions around you so that you can make a perfect plan to start. You will get live traffic updates using this options.

When you’re going out its important to know the weather conditions so that you can make perfect plan to travel. You can search for weather around your current location or location of interest. You can browse through the weather forecast of 14 days.

When there is no internet access then the compass is very helpful to know the directions and your location location using compass. We have various digital compass modes like satellite mode, camera mode, telescope mode and night mode compass.

When you travel to a new place, it’s tough to start a conversation with them because you can’t understand their language for that you need not download any other app instead you can use this translator option to start a conversation. You can type in your language and the app will detect and translate in the desired language. It’s a beautiful language translation tool.

Voice Translator:
You can convert any language with just speaking. The Voice translation tool will help you to convert any language by simple voice commands.

Currency Converter:
You can convert world currencies value from one currency to another currency with real time conversion value.

Speedo Meter:
While travelling you will know the current speed of a vehicle using a speedometer. It uses your mobile GPS and shows its current speed on the app.

Book Cab:
We have integrated a taxi booking option for you to book an uber cab using this app. When you’re on travel you can book a cab easily.

Based on your current location, you will know how much height you’re from a sea-level using this Altimeter.

Level Meter:
If you want to measure the level of a surface, this option will help you with laser level and bubble level tools.

Maps, Navigation, GPS, Travel & Tools app is a very simple and powerful tool to have on your smartphone. It’s free to download and free to use from google play.

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