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Lunet - The Beauty of Movies

Lunet - The Beauty of Movies

by Sebastian Slepowronski


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Lunet - The Beauty of Movies
Lunet - The Beauty of Movies
Lunet - The Beauty of Movies
Lunet - The Beauty of Movies
Lunet - The Beauty of Movies
Lunet - The Beauty of Movies
Lunet - The Beauty of Movies
Lunet - The Beauty of Movies
Lunet - The Beauty of Movies
Lunet - The Beauty of Movies
Lunet - The Beauty of Movies
Lunet - The Beauty of Movies

Lunet is your beautiful and elegant ticket to the magical world of movies.
It allows you to track and organize the watched movies history of your whole life in one central place.
There was a lot of watching, wasn't there? Don't let it be forgotten.

You will always find the new movie to watch and remember thanks to the features like the up-to-date discovery sections, amazing movie detail page with rich media (posters, backdrops, and trailers), custom lists for your movies or release date notifications.

Moreover, it has been created from scratch as an iOS exclusive following the system design guidelines, so you can feel at home.
Movies are always put on the first place. They are the real stars of the show and you should be able to admire them without any distractions.

Developing and improving Lunet is an ongoing and never-ending journey, so you can expect additional functionalities and updates on a regular basis.
If you'd like to see any particular groundbreaking feature in the new app release, let's keep in touch: support@sebastiancrow.com.
I'm very grateful for your help and feedback. Lunet wouldn't exist without you.


Free with ads:

• Discover new movies in your region or worldwide:
- Now playing in theatres
- Upcoming in theatres

• Explore amazing movies appreciated by the huge and vibrant TMDb* community:
- Top rated
- Popular right now

• Find what you're looking for
- Simply type it and you will see the correct movie or person

• Beautiful movie detail page where the movie is a shining star
- See the posters and backdrops
- Experience the fullscreen trailers
- Read an average rating and reviews coming from the TMDb* community
- A lot of information about the movie. You deserve to know
- Similar and recommended movies allowing you to take the next step of this incredible journey

• Wonderful person detail page
- Deepen your knowledge about a particular actor or director
- Go through all the movies connected with this person

• Production company detail page
- Explore the whole filmography of your favorite production company

• Share discovered movies with your friends using Facebook / Twitter / iMessage / Email / Anything else what comes to your mind and can use the iOS share action

• No account or sign-up required. It just works, from the beginning


Additional superpowers of "The Beauty of Movies - Premium" package:

• No ads

• Your personal zone
- See how much time you've spent on watching all these wonderful movies (what an enviable result!)
- Admire a beautifully crafted graph with the number of movies watched by you every month (the graph is going only up and up, right?)
- Go through a timeline of all your movie ratings to remember which ones of them were really worth watching

• Follow movies
- Add movies to the "To Watch" or "Watched" lists
- Create as many own lists as you wish, sky is the limit
- Group movies in the lists to find them without any effort

• Rate movies according to your taste

• Never miss the next big release
- Rich notification about the movie release will be served at the date specified by you

And much, much, much more to come...

Let's begin this journey together!

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