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Kuiper belt Space Shooter

Kuiper belt Space Shooter

by Andrey Semenov

Kuiper belt Space Shooter

Space Shooter is a good old genre. Perhaps jaded, perhaps beaten, but it's a classic! 
In my childhood i love Space shooter's, but there is always something that is not enough, now I can make himself and play, and invite you! :)
The game is difficult to pass, but in my opinion is quite fascinating!
Perhaps what we should add, write, offer!

You like survival games and space shooting? 
You like to simulate sky shooting in for glory and duty?
Kuiper belt fight is your best choice for shooter playing.
You can control game by virtual joystick, D-Pad or touch!
You can choice one from three difficulty level!
Your High Score always in our Leader Board and your friends can see it!
Playable offline!

Here is a story:
By the late 22nd century humans had united. Racial, religious and economic conflicts were in the past giving way to a real breakthrough in scientific and technical progress.

Nowadays our spaceships are traveling almost at the speed of light and Quantum entanglement theory helps to control unmanned spaceships at any distance for the safety of our astronauts.

Our radio astronomers of SETI Institute recorded signals from the square of the Kuiper belt marked on the map. The Kuiper belt is a circumstellar disc in the Solar System beyond planets, extending from the Sun to approximately 5 100 000 000 miles. It is a wide and massive asteroid belt.

Signals haven’t been decoded yet. But we are sure that signals are from intelligent beings.

We are sending a military unmanned spaceship. You should find the aliens and decide if they are our friends or a threat to mankind!

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