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Kids puzzles, memory & coloring

Kids puzzles, memory & coloring

by GoodSoftTech

Kids puzzles, memory & coloring
Kids puzzles, memory & coloring
Kids puzzles, memory & coloring

Jigsaw puzzles, Memory, Coloring Book
"My granddaughter loves this application." Maria
"Best feature - a variety of mini-games that never get boring!" Agata

Are you looking for a great free coloring book game for kids? Maybe your kids love jigsaw puzzles? Or maybe you are interested in a free memory game for kids? You can finally stop looking, because jigsaw juzzles, memory, coloring book is a free game for kids that has all of the above!
Embark on a journey with our sweet Clownfish Bob, who will help your kids develop many different skills in a fun and creative way! Bob invites kids to his underwater world, where each player can play a variety of mini-games that amuse and teach new skills to both toddlers and school kids! Try, for example, free coloring books, during which the child must remember the colors of the original image, and then carefully paint it as it was. Or try playing free Memory game with two levels of difficulty - for younger and older children? We also recommend interesting jigsaw puzzles that will help your kids develop hand-eye coordination!

Our free kids game Jigsaw Puzzles, Memory, Coloring Book is one of the best free educational apps for kids of all ages! Puzzle, memory or coloring are just some mini-games included in this kids’ game. They are ideal for toddlers, preschoolers and school-age children.The variety of game modes make that your child will have enjoyed for a long time!

Jigsaw Puzzles, Memory, Coloring Book is free kids’ game that actually has five game in one app! Your kids can play the following:
- Puzzles
- Connect the dots
- Coloring pages
- Memory
- Connect pairs

Best educational features:
Colorful, detailed pictures
Easier start in school thanks to this app
Chance to learn English
Interesting tasks
Challenging difficulty levels
Fully interactive background
The chance to develop many skills at once

With multiple game modes, the kids will be able to practice their manual skills and creativity. Moreover, thanks to a multi-colored drawings, they can develop their imagination. All the mini-games aim at developing the skills of logical thinking, perception and eye-hand coordination, which is an ideal introduction to learning how to write! Jigsaw Puzzles, Memory, Coloring Book is an application that helps kids develop concentration and imagination, as well as a great topic to talk with your child about shapes, colors and animals! At the same time, children can work on and develop language skills. And most importantly, it gives your kids confidence in their own strengths and skills!
Jigsaw puzzles is a mini-game that helps the kids develop their ability to perceive shapes, as well as the perception, accuracy and attention to details. While playing it, the children also learn to distinguish shapes and match them to each other. Thanks to the Connect the dots mini-game, toddlers learn to remember the sequence of alphabet letters, as each dot represents one of the letters of the alphabet.What's more, while connecting letters, the child can hear how each letter sounds in the English language, which helps in the development of language skills. The mini-game Connect pairs, which consists of finding the same images and pairing them up, focuses on developing the capacity of perception and thinking.

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