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by Juiice Ltd.


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Juiice is a social media sharing platform that helps people to share photos and videos. It is an art gallery on which users get viral micro-content, which will both keep visitors amused and give confidence to authors to spread their vision, their ability, their intellect of humour, their motivating method of thinking. When you sign up on this entertainment platform you need no extra skills for participating on the platform. You can post almost everything on the Juiice social media platform.


The dApp enabled website & mobile app to provide users with various rewards. Various social media platforms are popular enough but the people who use it are not rewarded for using it. Those social media platform sites are continuously gaining huge amounts of profits from various ads, direct sales, etc. Juiice is a platform that believes that it’s the individuals who make those social media sites big that should be rewarded. The user’s participation is the most precious source, for which each promoter competes, but it is demoralized without any reward participation.

Sharing benefits

Juiice is an online social media and entertainment platform. As we know that traffic on the app or website is the most vital component to boost sales. Posting on various sites is an activity that is performed by everyone. We are all posting some images or videos on social platforms regularly, hence promoting those platforms, but not get anything in return. Juiice is on an operation to reward content creators and influencer’s users for their involvement on the platform for the service they provide to the platform.

If you want to get money from online involvement then use Juiice app and write your thoughts, and share your best-captured photos, upload a video, and earn rewards by doing it. Juiice is a platform that shares the advertisement income amongst our dynamic community, so everybody will be enthused to contribute to this value-driven social engagement platform.

The platform is made of online social platform users, content creators, and online marketers which promote app success. The best part of using this app is that it uses only a small portion of the advertising revenue, but the rest amount goes to the active users and community. The business model used by the company empowers micro-influencers and usual social media users to work with Juiice personally and at last, get rewarded for their existence and normal activities online.

Juiice free user account

It is easy to create an account on the Juiice platform and get news and social happening details in a hassle-free manner. You can easily become our Juiice user by creating a free account and can do any function that the platform offers.

• Add Content
• Share Content,
• Do Daily Tasks And
• Unlock Extra Features,
• Reward Your Favourite Content Creator And
• Support Any Listed Charity

Juiice offers viral user-generated digital content and gains revenue. The platform offers various influencer tools through which the users or advertisers can hire their preferred influencers or contact them to start their ad campaigns and pay them in the form of Juiice tokens.

It is a social media and entertainment platform for today’s generation. Juiice is continuously inspiring millions of people across to share the high-quality content and get rewarded by the trusted, and value-driven social engagement platform.

The social media platform is offering a range of features and trying to bring people and communities together. The platform allows users to gain some rewards for their relevant content and online activity.

Juiice is an entertaining app, where you can post almost all the stuff related to your business like images, videos, photos or blogs, articles so that content will reach a maximum audience. It helps you to express yourself in a means you resemble and keep visitors amused. You can gain huge fans and followers on this platform and can create a better reputation for your brand or product.

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