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by Jio Pages


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JioPages is the India's fastest growing web browser designed to deliver safe, fast, secure & uninterrupted browsing experience with utmost priority to user privacy on our android mobile phones! Our browser has more than 10 million downloads!
* VPN – Access global content
* Secure Mode – Keep your data and device safe
* Ad-blocker – No more ads
* Incognito mode with a pin – Incognito tabs won’t disappear on closing the app
* Multiple search engines – Options are always good!
* 13+ regional languages – Made in India and Made for India!
* News in regional languages – To keep you updated
* Voice search – To help you multitask
* QR code scanner – Scan any codes
* Binge-watch – To consume video content
* Dark Mode – We care about your eyes
* Games – Stress busters in this hectic life
* Quizzes – Knowledge with fun

What's New:
1. Crowns
2. Improved User Interface
3. BingeWatch in 13 languages Highlights

🔒 Secure Browsing:
1) Secure Mode Feature– In the data driven world, your personal data matters! Prevent third party websites from tracking you through your browser. Also prevents cookies, trackers and fingerprinters to keep your mobile devices safe and private.
2) VPN Feature – Use a VPN to break down boundaries in a single click! Along with VPN, we also provide free VPN content on the browser.
3) Ad-blocker Feature – Are ads ruining your browsing experience? You can now block ads and unwanted pop-ups on your mobile devices. This also helps in loading pages faster and saves mobile data. Ad-blocker shows the number of ads prevented.

👤 Personalized home screen:
1) Customize ‘Quick links’ for quick access to your favourite sites on the homepage of this mobile browser.
2) ‘Informative Cards’ for live updates and information on your main screen. 3) ‘Dark Mode’ for a comfortable view. Choose and switch between 2 different variants of dark themes for a comfortable reading experience.

🇮🇳 Browse Internet in your regional language:
1) Browse internet in your preferred language: 13 Indian languages to choose from (Hindi, Gujarati, Marathi, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Kannada, Bengali, Assamese, Oriya, Punjabi and Urdu). Many more languages to be added soon!
2) News feeds in regional language: Stay updated with all events. Personalised feed for every Indian!

🕶 Incognito Mode with a pin: Bookmark websites while browsing in Incognito mode and secure it with a password in this mobile browser. Your tabs are now safe and private!

📺 Binge-watch: Watch videos online across 10 categories from sports, comedy, entertainment, lifestyle, etc on the homescreen in 13 regional languages.

🎬 Short Videos: Watch Short stories from 30+ categories like Lifestyle, education, health, DIY & more. Every story has duration of less than 30 seconds.

🚀 Uninterrupted Browsing:
1) Download Manager: Auto categorization of downloaded files on the basis of file type - Image, Video, Document, Pages which makes content management much easier.
2) QR code scanner & Voice search: Access websites by scanning QR code or simply saying the keywords by pressing the mic button.
3) Landscape View Feature: We provide a highly optimized view while streaming videos & playing games.
4) Classic view : Browse internet with no distractions on the screen. A simple search engine with top sites on the screen on this fast web browser. Earns crowns to unlock this feature.

👑 Crowns:
1) Earn crowns by doing specific tasks and redeem them to unlock exciting features like activating vpn for your entire device and not just on your browser!

JioPages is a mobile web browser brought to you by Jio Platforms Ltd. with a sharp focus on personalization and localization for Indian users.
Take a look at JioPages (@JioBrowser):

Twitter: https://twitter.com/JioBrowser?s=08

Instagram: https://instagram.com/jiopages?igshid=15yg7zzqp8q7o

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/jiopages/

We’d love your feedback! Drop us a line at feedback.jiopages@gmail.com

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