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Jewels Boost Jump

Jewels Boost Jump

by PiedLove.com


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Jewels Boost Jump
Jewels Boost Jump
Jewels Boost Jump
Jewels Boost Jump
Jewels Boost Jump

Touch the game world of beautiful diamonds and precious stones!
Jewels Boost Jump is an endless challenging game with turns and twists to avoid the moving and brilliance walls jamming.

A platform is shown on the screen.
On the platform is a diamond that jumps up and down on the screen.
On the playing field, various combinations of square, round diamond and gold fences are used.
All of them with small gaps.
The fences rotate around the platform.

When the gap is above the platform, the diamond can jump to another level.
If the diamond touches the fence, the game ends.

Also it is necessary to take into account the fact that on both sides the walls are gradually moving.
When they touch the diamond and the platform clamps, then the game will end.

The object of the game is to score more points.
Points can be exchanged in a diamond store for new characters.

Touch the game world of beautiful diamonds and precious stones!
This sparkling shine of jewels fascinates and turns the movement of the game character into an enchanting spectacle!
Framed and many karatnye, they slowly move upwards to light.
Playing it can be admired indefinitely!

Enjoy this amazing addictive game :)
Charming on the platform.
The game is best for players of all ages in order to train the skills of reaction.
Share it with your friend and see who is the best super tank.

- Features:

- HD graphics and brilliants colorful environment
- Perfect sounds and FX effects
- Smooth arcade game and look dynamics
- Unique designed brilliants patterns and obstacle enemy shapes
- 24 fantastique diamonds and brilliants characters

- How to play:

-Tap the screen to make the character jump to avoid jammed

The game will improve your qualifications of synchronization and concentration.
See for yourself at which distance can you go.
And be warned: this game insanely Addictive!
Touch the game world of precious stones beautiful diamonds!

* Now supported Android 6.0 "Marshmallow", Android 7.0 / 7.1.1 "Nougat", Android 8.0
* Realistic Quality HD Artwork, truly live 3D animation in HD appearance.
* More our personalizations at: http://piedlove.com/landing
* Our video channel at: http://piedlove.com/video
* Instagram - https://instagram.com/deluxe_art_3d
* Facebook - https://facebook.com/piedlove.com.android.live.wallpapers
* Twitter - https://twitter.com/PiedLove
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