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JERRi: Find Bars & Restaurants

JERRi: Find Bars & Restaurants

by JERRi


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JERRi: Find Bars & Restaurants
JERRi: Find Bars & Restaurants
JERRi: Find Bars & Restaurants
JERRi: Find Bars & Restaurants
JERRi: Find Bars & Restaurants
JERRi: Find Bars & Restaurants
JERRi: Find Bars & Restaurants
JERRi: Find Bars & Restaurants
JERRi: Find Bars & Restaurants

JERRi is a location-based entertainment finder app where you can find the best places to party, best food and drink offers, and latest information on promotions and offers from nearby bars and restaurants in your area.


The social check-in and messaging features of this restaurant finder app will help you connect with other people present at your favorite venues. Send them a message sitting on your couch to find out what the atmosphere is like, or how long the line is at your favorite bar, or send someone a message while you’re out and about to break the ice.  With JERRi app, you can also explore nightlife entertainment near you.


Among the vast number of deals and offers, “FIND YOUR FIX”.


How It Works?

When logging into the app, users have to select the location by entering a city/state, by entering the exact address, or simply by clicking their current location. Then the user is forwarded to a landing screen which entails a list of events and promotions based on the preselected location, such as food and drink specials and best clubs in your area.


Bars, restaurants, and other venues post their events, and users can explore and search the app to see what suits them best. Get access to the exclusive offers at party venues with the best food deals around. JERRi is here to make your going out experience as great and memorable as it possibly can be. Have fun

Special Features


Real Time Messaging

  • Chat with other users and find people with similar interests
  • Find out how long a queue is at your favorite bar or restaurant
  • Break the ice with new people while you are out at a club


Search Restaurant

  • Use multiple filters like search by keyword or promo name such as find best alcohol deals or find local clubs in Texas
  • Find happening deals by narrowing your searches like specialty drink, type of cuisine, or venue name, e.g. food deals in college station Texas
  • Search nearby and new restaurants with special deals on bars and restaurants - find the perfect places with the customized list


Mark Favorites

  • Create a venue list to stay updated about your favorite spots
  • Select your favorite venue from the list of promotion/events based on your pre-selected location
  • Once you favorite a venue you will receive updates every time the venue posts on JERRi

How To Use JERRi app

  • Login to the app and set your location or click “auto-detect my location”
  • Scroll through the homepage and find deals
  • Search venues near your selected location
  • Narrow your search by entering exactly what you want, e.g. Italian Food or live music
  • Check-in to the venue and let your friends know where you are
  • Chat with other users who are also present there and make a connection
  • The connection will last only 72 hours after the first message is sent
  • In case you don’t want to be seen but know what’s happening, select ghost mode. You'll be invisible

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