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Jelly Rally – Dodgers League

Jelly Rally – Dodgers League

by Awesome Industries


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Jelly Rally – Dodgers League
Jelly Rally – Dodgers League
Jelly Rally – Dodgers League
Jelly Rally – Dodgers League
Jelly Rally – Dodgers League
Jelly Rally – Dodgers League

Jellies are far from home! Get ready for the impossible escape adventure. Help them jump, stick and dodge trough deadly spikes and score highest score possible. Invite Facebook friends, blast trough spikes and beat their scores in leaderboards! Collect gold coins on the spiky road and unlock over forty different witty jellies, from sad zombie to swift kitten, swell robots and smelly Fingertips! Find out hidden secrets! More things to come!

◉ Master simple controls! Only one swift finger needed ;)
☉ Stick on the ceiling, jump and slide on the walls!
◉ Dodge spikes or pop on them with colorful splash!
☉ Unlock over 40 quirky Jellies! More new free jellies soon!
◉ Discover hidden incredible surprises! Visit retro movie world and rainbow pinky world ;)
☉ Beat your friends best scores! Share it on Facebook!
◉ Test your jump reflex! Tap, tap tap!
☉ Enjoy the lottery! Collect free prizes and enjoy the unexpected!
◉ Free to play!

Jellies to unlock:
grumpy Cosmo, swift Kitty, happy Sunny, smashed Zombie, cool zig zag Drifter, snappy berzerk Viking, charming Unicorn, fiery Dragon, keen Robbo, juicy King, beautiful Goat, fuzzy Maciek, zippy Tesla Robot, modest Shady, giant Orc, animated Skeleton, bouncy Love, sluggish Devil, dodgy ketchapp Cheese, evil Witch, fluffy Worm, unimpressed Bomb, lively Louie, smart Brain, graceful Camel, pretty Heart, blast Burn, cheerful Iron Giant, swank Bella, furry Muskrat, introverted flappy Yelly, unfortunate Error, hairy Fingertip, unpleasant Hardcore, angry Invader, good Ghost, handsome bean Bold, lovely Marilyn, curious Detective... and some hidden jell ;) More to come. Check out our Facebook page for more free new stuff from Awesome Industries ;)

"Awesome, amazing and intense! 10/10! This is gonna be the best new game on store! Better than Subway Surfers 2, Halo 8, Ketchapp and Flappy Bird 3" - My friends friend

"Good, now pass the ketchup and finish your beans, love" - My Mom

"Stop playing it! This is stupid..." - Your Mom

"Please rate and review this game, this will help us develop this into even better game! And don't forget to like us on Facebook! :)"- Humble Dev



Our Facebook page:

This free game is Kids friendly - No blood! Only colorful nice candy splash! Easy controls! Its suitable for people of all ages, kids, girls, boys, adults... ;) Everyone can painfully enjoy Jelly Rally blast :D

You think you're good at taping on your phone? Download now and test your skills. New jellies are coming!

Tap to jelly!

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