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Hummee - Adventure Bird Game

Hummee - Adventure Bird Game

by Jagdeep Sharma

Hummee - Adventure Bird Game

Can you help Hummee fly to the top while she is stuck in the middle of nowhere? Hummee is a single player adventure bird flying game where your task is to help Hummee, the small green bird, find a way out of the mysterious and dangerous place she is stuck in. 

The bird game has 30 levels and at each level your objective is to take Hummee all the way to the top while avoiding various obstacles, collecting coins and by using helping items. You have to do this before the life meter runs out or Hummee dies. This tap to fly bird game gets more and more challenging as you go to the higher levels so you will never be bored. 


• Interactive graphics with flying adventure 
• Buy upgrades using skill points in order to make your bird stronger and clear difficult levels
• Collect coins and buy accessories to customize the appearance of your bird rescue 
• Upgrade the game anytime to remove ads
• Challenge your flying gaming skills as the birds game gets tougher when you move to higher levels
• The bird indie game is Multilingual so you can determine the interface from various languages for sky adventure.
• Dodge obstacles and race against the life meter while taking Hummee to the top
• Change the settings to customize the adventure game according to your own preferences 
• Help Hummee in her adventure by taking her to the top of each level
• The bird is fairly easy to maneuver so you won’t face any problem while playing.
• Its free adventure game for unlimited adventure fun

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