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HIIT Interval Training Timer

HIIT Interval Training Timer

by Ihunda


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HIIT Interval Training Timer
HIIT Interval Training Timer
HIIT Interval Training Timer
HIIT Interval Training Timer

HIIT Interval Training App is a simple and efficient timer that will help you stay focused during all your workouts, all you have to do is to follow the sound !

First it was developed for HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) workouts, a very efficient method to burn fat in a short & intense workout. But our users showed us you can use it during all trainings with intervals or other timed repetitions : crossfit, running, cycling, HIIT, Tabata, yoga, stretching, fitness, weightlifting … and even cooking !

With almost 1 million downloads and more than 5200 ratings, we work daily on the app to improve it, following our users suggestions. The last few months, we released a new design, a feature to share the workouts on facebook and Twitter, new sounds… and very soon we will propose fantastic new features and an Iphone version !

We have a FB page where we daily provide examples of HIIT trainings, a forum where anyone can leave suggestions and a beta testers community to test our new features before official releases. So come and join us to share your HIIT experience !

The main features :
** Set up your workout phases durations : preparation, work, rest and cool down time; number of rounds
** Choose your sound (whistle, buzzer, yoga, voice…)
** Listen to your favorite playlist at the same time
** Share your workout with your friends on Twitter and Facebook
** Load existing presets
** Save your presets
** No ad during your workout
** Step counter included
** Available for all sizes of screen, including tablets
** Purchase the ad-free version for only $2

Our suggestions forum : http://bit.ly/TGAFRHIIT
Our Facebook page : http://bit.ly/TGAFBHIIT
Our Twitter account : @hiit_android

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