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Hidden Escape: Lost Temple

Hidden Escape: Lost Temple

by Vincell Studios


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Hidden Escape: Lost Temple
Hidden Escape: Lost Temple
Hidden Escape: Lost Temple
Hidden Escape: Lost Temple
Hidden Escape: Lost Temple

Studios Announces the Release of the Latest Escape Adventure Game - the Lost Temple

. the release of “The Lost Temple”, their latest Escape Adventure game the iOS App also available on Android Google Play store.

The story synopsis of the game on a Hindu mythological story of Sheshnaag, the magnificent three-headed serpent, who is the ruler of the infernal underworld. Legend has it that, Sheshnaag had a scepter that wielded power mortals, departed and alike. A foresighted demi-god, Garudapurak stole the scepter and hid it in a secret location which is in the present day, Indonesia.

The main characters of the game, Liam, a renowned archeologist along with Leela, an Indian historian the ruins of Sheshnaag temple which is rumored to have the scepter. But all Liam has is a crude map and a that could be a key to enter the sealed temple.

Gradually, the game unfolds into four chapters, the temple, the cave, the lighthouse and the inside lighthouse, and the players have to strategically move across different locations, solving puzzles to gain hidden treasures and move ahead with Leela and Liam in search of the scepter. The developers have made sure to put enough tutorials that will help the players all the way. To make it more interesting, unique, thematic puzzles have been chosen, which are not so tough to solve but are definitely compelling.


- Spectacular graphics across all levels depicting the ancient lost era of Sheshnaag!

- Solve engrossing puzzles and find hidden objects!

- It’s free! No registration, no hassles, just download and play.

- The game is localized in- English, Spanish, Hindi, and French.

- Intense background music and sounds!

- Fascinating storyline!

- Includes Hints & other tips and tricks to help you along the way!

For more product information, please visit: Android - http://bit.ly/2kU5lNL | iOS - https://apple.co/2qjMApW

About Vincell Studios

We are a mobile gaming company . We are an expert team of passionate developers who perfectly blend experience with cutting-edge technology to build mind-blowing games according to the latest gaming trends.

Marketing Contact:

Marketing Team - Vincell

Email: marketing@vincellstudios.com | Web: www.vincellstudios.com

Contact No: +1 (780) 913-5286 | Bangalore India.

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