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Hexa Color Ring Puzzle - color Matcher (2019)

Hexa Color Ring Puzzle - color Matcher (2019)

by Hoax Developers


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Hexa Color Ring Puzzle - color Matcher (2019)
Hexa Color Ring Puzzle - color Matcher (2019)
Hexa Color Ring Puzzle - color Matcher (2019)
Hexa Color Ring Puzzle - color Matcher (2019)

Playing games is the best way to rejoice yourself and pass on your time. But playing a particular game for a long time may be boring. In an attempt to break all those shackles we came up with a unique idea and designed Hexa Color Ring Puzzle.

As the name indicates, the Hexa Color Ring Puzzle. is a where you need to invest all your intelligence in order to clear the different stages and level up. It is one of the typical Hexa Color Ring Puzzle.where it provides you fun as well as it will test your IQ.

Match the correct color Rings on the row. Very addictive and time passing game.
Easy to play and pleasurable game for all age. Forever FREE!

Complete puzzling rings challenge and get the score as high as you can.

How to play "Hexa Color Ring Puzzle?"

If you think about a puzzle game, then blindly go with a Hexa Color Ring Puzzle. It is the best puzzle Hexagon game available in the play store. It is uniquely designed which is simple to play yet one of the most addictive games available on both play store. A step by step procedure on how to play the game are described in the below-mentioned points

You will be given Hexagones of different colors (it can be a single Hexagon or a Hexagon inclined in another Hexagon)

You need to drag those Hexagones and arrange them in such a way that you can strike 3 Hexagones of the same color either vertically or horizontally or diagonally

Once you match three Hexagones of same colors, you will be awarded some points for each strike

It is that simple puzzle game which requires some calculations and intelligence. So what are you waiting for? 

Download the best puzzle game Hexagon i.e.., Hexa Color Ring Puzzle now and have loads of fun and pass on your free time by playing and improving your knowledge.

Features of Color Rings Puzzle :

* 100 percent free game to play.
* Beautiful color rings and technology style interface
* The trash can can change the color rings.
* Extremely smooth touch control on this free puzzle game.
* No Wifi: Play offline.

Why install “Hexagon puzzle app”?

In place of playing some games that neither pass your time nor improve your knowledge, we provide you with one of the best puzzle Hexagon game. Hexa Color Ring Puzzle is Hexagon puzzle game where you are required to think out of the Hexagon in order to clear the levels.

This puzzle Hexagon game will help you to pass your free time and we warn you as it is the most addictive game available in the play store.

Block puzzle app throws you the classic challenge of clearing up the levels which are made funnier with some excellent sound effects.

When we talk about rules, they are as simple as removing the peel of an orange with a knife. It is incorporated with best animations and you will be excited to play this game.

Hexa Color Ring Puzzle is a simple and addictive colorful puzzle game. 

Can you clear the board?

Challenge your friends to compare your score.


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