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Haters the famous

Haters the famous

by Gurosoft Games Group

Haters the famous
Haters the famous
Haters the famous

Enjoy a fun game that will have you hooked all day.

You have to be able to be able to overcome the levels and be able to be in the world ranking with better score.

Haters is a game with a satirical enviroment to enjoy with this humor.
I hope you are be able to strike famous people as Trump and the rest of hater's people.  Or your will fail the shot and they mocks about you?
You have to have a lot of accuracy and reflex to climb until TOP of ranking. Only one person can keep on top. Of course it is a big challenge.
Extremly difficult game you have to show your skills and reach the best puntuation. It is a very adictive game!

Shot while you are using a bazzuca it is an amazing feels that whole people have to feel some day. But please! aim well! You can't fail!


Strike  famous people  and enjoy with this funny game. Very Hard game.

Save game money to unlock new things as:

- Unlock new famous characters to hate. For example Rajoy or some else.

- New ammunation type. Maybe you wish shot a watermelon, or a chicken or... What you want? Tell us!

Writte yoru opinion to know what famous character or ammunation you wish appears in this game.

Haters is a game with a satirical enviroment to enjoy with this humor. You just enojoy while you are playing and try to don't throw your mobile when you can't overcame your current puntuation.

You will be able to enjoy with a very humoristic version of Trump, Bieber and other more famous people.

Haters has an amazing sounds, with a funny effect. Download the game just for listen all sounds! You will laugh I'm sure.


Haters has sponsors to keep this company alive. Haters are 100% free to play.

When you install Haters, you must accept 2 permissions:
- WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE permission: To allow game saves your puntuations and coins.

-COARSE_LOCATIO permission: To allow sponsors send you a better adds.

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