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Hamara Dost

Hamara Dost

by Digitalmarkerters


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Hamara Dost
Hamara Dost
Hamara Dost
Hamara Dost

Hamara Dost is a multi-media messenging app and a social media platform. Presently, multiple features like official accounts, daily feeds and social awareness/charity related features are available within the App. Subsequently, new features will be added based on user feedback and ongoing trends.

Hamara Dost is a messaging plus app offering its users a way to easily share messages, images, videos with your friends, family and office colleagues without worry of it going viral or unauthorized/non-intentionally being shared. In addition, users can keep up with news, entertainment, interest through the official channels or selected categories where a daily feed is provided. In the “Discover” section, there are many more features and in the coming months new features will be added based on user inputs and trends.

Landing Page: Recieve daily feeds on the categories that you have selected.

Text Designed for the Present Times:
Easily share messages, images, audio files, videos with your friends, family and office colleagues without worry of it going viral or unauthorized/non-intentionally being shared by using the automatic self-destruct timer function. Send free one-on-one or to groups comprising upto 500 users.

Chat Special Features:
While sending an attachment or a text, user can select a timer (3 Sec, 30 Sec, 9 min or 12 hours) for auto delete of it. Time starts from the moment the message/attachment is opened by the recipient. While sending a message with an auto delete timer to a group the time starts from the moment the message is dispatched. For a large group (up to 500 members), spread across the country or world the time 12 hours would be suitable. Alternate, you do not have to use the timer and send it like a regular text to an individual or a group. 

Presently, it is a challenge to identify when a message that has been shared from another group was written to corelate the significance of the message to the present moment. Thus, in Hamara Dost, as soon as a message that is forwarded or shared it will have the date and time embedded as to when it was written.

Free Voice & Video Calls:
Call your friends and family as often as you want, for as long as you want! Free international voice and video calls make it easy to stay connected with your loved ones. Group calls can also be made.

Official Accounts:
This service lets companies to create their own accounts. Companies can mass-send messages to users who have followed their account, post articles to the Timeline, and more. Company accounts are displayed within the Hamara Dost platform, allowing companies to reach a wide range of users on a mass-media scale. Users can follow and unfollow these accounts as per their liking.

WHAM – winning hearts and minds/ Sadhbhavana. Aim is to raise awareness of social inequity in our country and instill a movement of public/civic engagement and activism. It is not only about giving money to charities. It is about engagement, of trying to bring change and contribute back to society and to support the under privileged. 
WHAM serves the dual purpose of helping charities to raise funds for their various initiatives while encouraging people to incorporate some form of physical activity such as running or walking into their daily routine. By walking / running, you would contribute towards raising money for a charity/cause you believe in. 

Sky Eye:
Let’s you see people near you on a sliding scale from 100m to 30 km. At the same time, this feature has a safety feature that allows only your personal saved contacts on the phone using the Hamara Dost to see you. It does not allow strangers on the App to locate you on this feature.

It makes “meet up” happen and you can monitor arrival and RV. Alternate, incase you are not aware of your location or are in a busy place, send a RV request and the other person/persons can navigate to your location.

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