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Guitar Blast - Learn Fretboard

Guitar Blast - Learn Fretboard

by GuitarBlast


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Guitar Blast - Learn Fretboard
Guitar Blast - Learn Fretboard
Guitar Blast - Learn Fretboard
Guitar Blast - Learn Fretboard
Guitar Blast - Learn Fretboard
Guitar Blast - Learn Fretboard

Guitar Blast transforms your own guitar into a game controller. You simply play your guitar, and Guitar Blast recognize the note you play via microphone within milliseconds. No extra hardware is required! 


It is fun to play and blast the notes with your own guitar. 


Guitar Blast is the ultimate guitar app that teaches you the entire fretboard within days. Blast through hundreds of custom designed levels by playing your own guitar. Upgrade your instrument as you level up.


What are the benefits of knowing the fretboard:

- Learn chords and scales faster. 

- Play different variations of chords effortlessly.

- Understand chord and scales. You no longer need chord or scale diagrams.

- Read sheet music more easily.

- Translate the notes in your mind into music effortlessly.

- Become better at improvisation and musical composition.

- Play a lot more confident, because you know the fret position of the note you wanna play


So, Guitar Blast will simply make you a better guitarist and musician!


You can also play Guitar Blast on the road. Practice guitar anywhere, anytime even if you don’t have your guitar with you.


Key features of Guitar Blast are:

- Play with your own guitar

- Practice even if you are on the road. Blast notes by tapping.

- Learn fretboard with fun and engaging gameplay

- 30+ beautiful instruments

- Incredibly fast frequency detection through microphone

(No extra hardware required!)

- Campaign mode: 200+ levels - Learn fretboard systematically

- Custom Game mode - Design your own levels


Master the fretboard and become a BETTER guitarist now with Guitar Blast!

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