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gravity escape falls run

gravity escape falls run

by Hicham Zidal


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gravity escape falls run
gravity escape falls run
gravity escape falls run
gravity escape falls run
gravity escape falls run

It's a new crazy game again from Adventure mabel escape Gravity Runnig Falls.
Help your favorite character Dipper to collect the gold. Just run as fast as you can and pay attention to Mabel's directions, she will be helping you overcome the obstacles.
Enjoy the new funny and crazy adventures in Adventure Falls Gravity world with Dipper and Mabel Pines.
It's easy! just keep running and jumping.
Jungle environment is also not all friendly and is filled with huge stones, bad bees and deadly snakes.
Dipper Pines is going on a new super adventure game on rails rush and he needs your help !

Now play your favourite Gravity Falls game along with Dipper Pines.
Help now Dipper to escape from the scary world by jumping and shooting on scary ghost, skeleton,bat.....
Play with Mabel! Who will use also powers to kill skeleton
In this amazing free game you can play with your member family (kids, boy,girl...)
-New obstacles.
-Beautiful new graphics.
-Free and Fun. 
-Do not fall off the subway ground
-Running and Jumping adventures. 
-Funny and crazy Characters.
-This game for everyone who loves mabel Gravity Falls.

How to play?
-Just tap the screen and Dipper Pines jumps on subway.
-Jump and run as fast you can.
-Collect the gold.
-Mabel will help you with directions.

Wanna have fun? Adventure Gravity Runnig Falls is the right game for you, get it now for FREE!

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