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Grand City Crime Simulator 2

Grand City Crime Simulator 2

by iDivine Creation

Grand City Crime Simulator 2
Grand City Crime Simulator 2
Grand City Crime Simulator 2
Grand City Crime Simulator 2
Grand City Crime Simulator 2
Grand City Crime Simulator 2

City Needs you!! be a real hero!!
Enter the world of extreme stunts. Perform dangerous mission to Challenge your skills.

Play different roles in this game like extreme gunner,zombie killer,sniper shooter,grand theft,criminal,terrorist killer,Extreme Driving in City,Be a Bus simulator driver,racing car stunt maker.

Its time to Encounter the terrorist. Take your gun and destroy all the enemies of your city. Lots of mission & activities of thief auto in this game like .....
To complete the level, you must use your sniper rifle to shoot all the enemy soldiers to advance on to the next level.
An addition to the game is the new game mode 'Zombie Shooter'. Zombie will also attack on you you must shoot them.
Extreme speed driving Racing Car, racing bike driving its like bike stunt riding, be a driver of school bus and parking, turbo racing construction truck drive,
police car & different sport car racer, driver royal car with full speed on highway or City road, destroy city with military tank.
It is Generally use in military but lucky fighter tank is in this racing games for your fun only. So take command of tank and be a city destroyer. 
Use Rocket launcher to destroy and blast different truck, cars & targets.

>>>>This Game is Only for fun Only<<<< 
you can punch city people if they run away then they lost from map of town.Citizen has power to penetrate in to building during their run time.If you also want to penetrate in building than you can 
enter in building by rolling down OR by Jumping.
You can also shoot city people with different guns be a gunner for Extreme Crime terrorist battle.
Your target can cooking Pizza delivery boy,business man,Beautiful girl,lovely lady,police man or any kids school Bus Parking Simulator, Truck racing simulator, Destroy any parking zone. Criminal City Auto.
Perform like mafia gangster or Urban Desert pirates and collect money by murder of any Citizen.
This is a great war simulator where you can walk around in a 3D world and shoot with a great amount of weapons.
This is one kind of Underworld Terrorist Survivor Game.If you are looking for Fighting Games & shooting games we have that kind of play zone collection of 3D Game. 
Perfect balance of strategy and fast-paced action.

Key Features:-

- Smooth and Realistic controls
- Effective Guns
- Stunning City
- Combat fight with Terrorist 
- Outstanding Environment
- Amazing and cool graphics
- Best shooting game

This game is not for kids...To know more about this game please download this running Game.
It is Free to Download and Play. It is Combination of all games like fighting, running, racing games, action game, adventure, terrorist game, stunt, mission, shooting games,Demolition,derby.

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