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Flying Cube - Endless Runner Game

Flying Cube - Endless Runner Game

by RomeoD


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Flying Cube - Endless Runner Game
Flying Cube - Endless Runner Game
Flying Cube - Endless Runner Game

This is 2021's most addictive and challenging arcade 2D endless runner game!

Fly your cube as high as possible and avoid the obstacles!

This is a completely free to play game. It is a simple yet addicting game. It is free and you can play it anywhere you like by following the instruction given. Make sure you challenge your friends with your best score!

The theme of the game is simple. It is literally ‘’simple’’. It is a game with low graphics so you can play it on any device. You have to fly up the obstacles that are automatically generated when you move and you have to turn left or right accordingly to avoid the obstacles and keep your ‘’Flying Cube’’ alive! If your HP bar is empty you are dead. It is possible to claim your daily reward or watch an ad to gain extra currency to decorate your ‘’Flying Cube’’ in the shop! You can restart the game as many time as you want - addictive right?

There are 3 buttons: left, right and up.
The goal of the game is to fly as high as possible. So press the up button and use the left and right button to avoid obstacles.
The higher you go the higher your score will go.
The total score of all your games gives u currency when you reach a specific amount of currency you unlock certain items you can view in the shop.

You can win by flying as high as you can and keep your ‘’Flying Cube’’ alive to get a score based on your height. You can gather additional points to up your score. By watching ads and claiming your daily reward. Compete against the world by earning as many points as you can and get your global ranking up in the google play games leaderboard. Make sure to post your scores publicly from the leaderboard screen so everyone can see your scores.

This game has a very simple arcade video gameplay style. As you move along, the score of the cube increases gradually. This game is fun but also requires one's mental agility, stealth, and concentration. You have limited time to think and decide on your next turn and hence your reflex & focus is also tested with the game. But if you are good at it, the endless gameplay will be to win.

The game is full of action due to its fast gameplay. The game is free to play. It is certainly challenging and from the initial feedback that we received from our beta players, the game trains your brain and improves brain sharpness. You have got very limited time to pick your next move for your cube.

The game does not require wi-fi to play. After downloading the game you can play this free game as many times as you want without requiring an internet connection.

So enjoy this endless runner game, beat the current high scores and make the impossible, possible. Make sure you challenge your friends with your best score!

- Simple, clean and neat graphics
- High score to save your best play
- Low storage and low processing required
- Unlockable items
- Daily Reward
- Rewarded video ad
- Leaderboard
- Power-Ups

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