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Flappy Bug

Flappy Bug

by dev

Flappy Bug

or the ones who Loves the famous Birds flutter game , but still looking for more Arcade & Flappy new characters , Cocci Flappy Bug is finally out to introduce a Happy Coccinelle jumping & flying around , just help her to find the Coccinelles crowd , it's simple & so much simillar to all the addictives games & this kind, with a new insects world theme ( Coccinelle , butterfly , spider & more insectes... ) 

you only need to make the exact taps on the screen , so you can easily get adapted to your own rythme & then all what you need , is to reach the highest score by avoiding the Logs & spiders, don't forget the speed of flying is always increasing

tap fast , jump high from the ground , bounce & flutter using your skills you learned from arcade Games 

Tips :

If the player touches the Logs , they lose. bug Coccinelle briefly flaps upForward each time when the player taps the screen; if it's not tapped, Cocci will fall because of crash's damage; 
each pair of logs that he navigates between earns the player 1 point, with Golden , silver & Bronze Coccinelle medals awarded for the score at the end of the game. No Cocci medal is awarded to scores less than 10. A bronze Coccinelle medal is given to scores between 10 and 20. In order to receive the silver Cocci medal, the player will have tot reach 20 points. 

The gold Cocci medal is only given to those who score higher than thirty points. 

PS : Android devices enabled the access to world leaderboards, through Google Play Services.

- The leaderboard is saving your score and high previous score;
- Play more , win more coins & donnuts ; you can also hear the cool soundtrack while keeping it forward with new high scores with more difficulties;
- New ennemies may apear when you reach some new high score or level also;
- Easy control , fast manipulation , Good Graphics , small size 

you will just love the way you kill stress while enjoying your free time by flapping the happy Coccinelle 

it's an 2018 new game with new graphics , sounds , characters
& ennemies

Cocci Flappy will get updated when it's necessary

Rate , flutter & share !

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