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FishByte - Water tests & more

FishByte - Water tests & more

by Geroirge fedd

FishByte - Water tests & more
FishByte - Water tests & more

Record water tests, add images and share your aquarium with the rest of the community!

FishByte is a brand new application, offering the core features you would expect from an aquarium manager, with a social platform built in. Our app enables you to keep track of key aquarium water tests, parameters, statistics and details, and also gives you the ability to share your aquarium(s) with other users of the app. So whether you want to keep track or your reef parameters, or create a visual diary of your tropical tank, FishByte has what you need!

FishByte features :

• Log aquarium water tests
• View water test history via a beautiful set of graphs
• Create a visual log of your aquariums*, which can be tagged with specific livestock
• Manage unlimited aquariums*
• View other users aquariums
• Follow other users and receive updates when they add content via your activity feed
• Leave comments for users, and communicate via a messaging system
• Add stock and equipment information to your aquarium
• Aquarium calculators, including a volume calculator, unit conversion calculator, and dosing calculator

As aquarium lovers ourselves, we know that a great part of the hobby is sharing experiences, and our creations with other like minded enthusiasts, FishByte gives you a great platform to do that from. You can start an image diary of your aquarium, and mark the milestones of your aquariums life.

The FishByte aquarium manager has a ranking system built in which is measured in Bytes, you gain Bytes through many different types of interaction with the App, and the more Bytes you have, the higher your ranking will be within the FishByte community. Not only can you enjoy viewing other peoples aquariums, you can use the "crowd sourced" information to provide great insights into what others do with their aquariums, such as comparing your aquarium water test results.
If there are features you want, let us know, and we will see what we can do.

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