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FieldCircle is an easy to use process management solution, which enables you to manage your field sales and service teams and their activities smarter, faster and on-the-go. Following are the core activities that can be performed using the FieldCircle mobile and web applications.

- Manage all users, teams and plan their schedule effectively using a computer or mobile.
- Provide real-time updates using Email, Push and SMS to your team members about assigned activities.
- Plan recurring jobs, inspections and assign those to team members, sub-contractors and track their progress in real-time.

Work Orders
- Plan work orders on new work requests or customer service requests.
- Schedule a work order and multiple jobs in it, and assign those jobs to team members.
- Keep team members and customers informed with email and app-based push notifications.
- Attach notes and photos to a work order or job to keep your team informed.

Sales Visits & Inspections
- Plan sales visits on estimate requests, gather notes, photos, and other customer requirements.
- Perform separate inspections to assess exact customer requirements, get customer sign-off on requirements, and send estimates.
- Perform planned health-check inspections on customer properties and assets.
- Create corrective actions on inspections for your team and customers to remain compliant and reduce risks.
- Share all reports with customers.

Location and Time Tracking
- View your team members' current location and assign service jobs, sales visits accordingly.
- Track their daily attendance, route taken and activities performed during the day via web browser.
- Review their worklogs and regularization requests.

Custom Workflows, Forms, and Templates
- Define custom workflow rules to perform any activity based on your business needs.
- Use default system forms and optimize them to manage all records.
- Define custom templates to gather data in the field and create the custom job, visit, and inspection reports.

Notifications and Reminders to stay informed
- The system comes with default notification of each module to keep all stakeholders informed.
- Notification types include Email, App Push Notifications, and SMS/Text.
- Manage each notification on your own using the shortcodes and the data you wish to send.
- Define your custom notification templates for all formats.

Inventory, Product, Services and Price Lists
- View all the available products, variants and inventory information.
- View all services and provide the right information to customers.
- Manage your products, variants and services price lists using web-application.

Manage Sub-Contractors (vendors)
- Manage your vendors and their team from web application.
- Request for a quote, accept the quotes, and convert them into purchase orders and work orders.
- Assign price lists and ensure the pricings are as per contracts.
- Give access to the mobile application to vendors and their team members and get to know the real-time updates of completed work and their location, etc.

Invoices and Payments
- Create and send invoices to your customers for work orders.
- Receive payments and manually update it.
- Send payment receipts to your customers.

Dashboards and Reports
- Easily accessible business insights to understand performance and drive growth.
- View segmented dashboard on each activity, inventory, invoices and payments, etc.
- Find 25+ reports using web-application to understand your field sales and service activities, stock information, invoices and payments, and download them in excel format.

Customer Communication and Transparency
- Provide real-time updates and reminders using text and push notifications to your customers about their service request, work order, inspection status.
- Let customers request new work or a service request based on their needs.
- Get customer sign-off on estimates and eSignature.
- Share custom reports of the work order and inspection.

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