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Fake Trump Tweets Golden Version

Fake Trump Tweets Golden Version

by Bonezales Productions


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Fake Trump Tweets Golden Version
Fake Trump Tweets Golden Version
Fake Trump Tweets Golden Version
Fake Trump Tweets Golden Version

Listen Folks! I'm going to build that wall even if i have toupee for it myself!

This application lets you create your very own - Fake Donald Trump tweets.

This here is the GOLDEN version, where you can create an unlimited number of fake tweets, with no ads, or in app purchases, nothing to distract you from composing the funniest and amusing tweets that will have people guessing if it was real or not!

Troll Trump, by exercising your constitutional rights of Freedom of Speech and fair use. This is satire, so have fun with it. Generate and showcase your most Winning DJT look-alike twitter posts.
Prank your friends, family, and have them guessing- Did he really just say that?
Adjust the Date & time, the retweets and even the likes each post would receive.
Share your creations with the world, post to social media including twitter & facebook, or save the generated image to your photo library and share privately with your friends.
Whether you are a conservative republican, or a liberal democrat it doesn't even matter! Everyone can appreciate humor as it tears down walls and builds bridges across borders.

+ Simple and easy to use
+ Two styles to choose from - Traditional and Crayon!
+ Compose your own fake DJT tweets
+ Add photos on your fake DJT tweets
+ Add DJT funny images in your fake DJT tweets
+ Adjust the date and time, Retweets and likes
+ Post your creations or save to your photo library
+ 100% FREE, no ads, no in-app purchases.

Join in on the fun! The revolution begins here. Create FAKE Trump Tweets that will have you and your friends LOL’ing on the floor, (or perhaps crying depending on how believable it is, or their party affiliation)

Be funny, Be outrageous, have fun.
Download now and create your own fake trump tweets today!

What's New in Version 1.3

+New! Compose your tweets having funny DJT images
Create tweets with DJT images to make America great again

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