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Escape The Boot House

Escape The Boot House

by Fabsys Technologies Private Limited

Escape The Boot House
Escape The Boot House
Escape The Boot House

86th Escape Game by Quicksailor. It’s a beautiful house in the shape of a boot, you enter the place to have a look at the house, the door bangs and you get stuck. All you need to do is, go through the place find all the hidden objects and make use of it to escape from this boot house.
• You need to solve lots of puzzles which will help you to get the objects to escape.
• You need to collect few coins, gifts and other stuffs.
• Finally, you need to get two keys to unlock the door and solve the puzzle on it to escape.
How to Play:
• Go through the house, find all the hidden objects by solving puzzles and make use of them in the right place and escape without any trouble.
• There are a lot of hidden objects which will be of help to find the main door keys and also solve the puzzle on the door.
• 100% Free to Download.
• Awesome Graphics.
• Room Escape Game App.
• Boot House.
• Puzzles to Be Solved.
• Hidden Objects to Collect.
• Coins and other useful stuffs to Collect.
• Find two keys and Solve the puzzle on the door to escape!
Go ahead play this escape game app and have a cool playtime and escape from the boot house!
Download this free escape game app and have an awesome playtime!

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