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Doozy Alarm clock for lazy

Doozy Alarm clock for lazy

by Monica Raghunathan


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Doozy Alarm clock for lazy
Doozy Alarm clock for lazy
Doozy Alarm clock for lazy
Doozy Alarm clock for lazy
Doozy Alarm clock for lazy
Doozy Alarm clock for lazy
Doozy Alarm clock for lazy

Doozy alarm clock is unique, simple, smart and reliable.

Doozy alarm clock is the first reliable alarm clock in the market with the unique "ONE WORD A DAY" dismiss mode.
"ONE WORD A DAY" : Every morning doozy alarm will wake you up with a new word along with its  
meaning and a 'easy-to-solve' word jumble. You have to solve this word jumble to turn off the  
alarm clock. Wake up your brain and get ready for the day ( also why solve some random  
math puzzle to turn off the alarm? Instead u can solve a word jumble and learn a new word  
everyday :) )

Doozy alarm clock also includes other brilliant options like,
1. WAKE UP AND WALK: set the number of steps you would like to walk and when the alarm clock goes off, pick up 
your phone and start walking to turn off the alarm. Make sure not to shake while walking.  
Cheating is rewarded with penalty of extra steps :) . It can be a very annoying alarm mode  
but it will definitely get you out of bed. With this mode you will never fail to wake up.
2. SOUND SLEEPER MODE: for those sound sleepers who sometimes don't hear the alarm ring. When the alarm 
goes off if you don't wake up to turn it off, Doozy alarm clock will contact your friend 
asking them for help to drag you out of bed. You can pick the mode of contact (sms,  
phone call or both)
3. CLASSIC MODE: the age old classic alarm mode with snoozing option. Snooze minutes can be easily  customised.

Doozy alarm clock also features : 
- QUICK ALARM: need to take a quick nap? set an alarm with just one click!
- GRADUALLY INCREASING ALARM VOLUME: When the alarm goes off, the alarm sound starts low and gradually  
increases to the level of sound you choose, so as to not to startle you in your sleep. This way you have a more  
gentle and pleasant wake up.
- option to CHOOSE ANY MUSIC you want AS RINGTONE: Pick any song, music or sound as the ringtone of your 
- A truly beautiful and easy-to-use interface that you have to experience to know for yourself :)

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