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Dino Tales

Dino Tales

by Kuato Studios

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Dino Tales
Dino Tales
Dino Tales
Dino Tales
Dino Tales

“A groundbreaking dinosaur app that mixes gaming and reading.” USA Today

Stomp your way around a magical, prehistoric island with your 6 baby dino friends. Discover the world of dinosaurs, learn amazing facts and turn each adventure into your very own Storybook!

Dino Tales gives young dino-adventurers freedom to explore a lush prehistoric island through the eyes of 6 adorable baby dinos. You can play games, dig for fossils, discover thousands of facts, and ask Darwin, the wise, talking dinosaur, all your dino questions.

Dino Tales is not just a game, but also a beautiful Storybook and an encyclopedia rich in Jurassic facts! Children are both adventurer and storyteller – the game captures each play session and turns it into an enchanting Storybook to be shared and read with parents and loved ones.

Start the adventure today!

Press Comment
• “A groundbreaking dinosaur app that mixes gaming and reading.” USA Today
• “Dino Tales is the perfect expedition for families.” Fathers Quarterly
• “So many questions to keep the most inquisitive child happy.” Tired Mummy of Two blog
• “A revolutionary game that uses a child’s gameplay to create a storybook.” TechwithKids

– “I love how Dino Tales encourages my students’ communication skills. Awesome!” Michelle Baldwin, Colorado
– “The Storybook activities were beautifully scaffolded, allowing the children to experiment with verbs, adjectives and adverbs.” Rachel Turner, London

In Dino Tales, your child will …
• develop storytelling skills
• share each new dino tale with family and loved ones
• learn to construct sentences, as well as play with vocabulary, language and synonyms
• create questions to ask our unique talking dino, Darwin
• discover 1000s of facts about dinosaurs

Game Features: children can
● hatch 6 baby dinosaurs to play with and nurture
● discover an island teeming with prehistoric wildlife
● use the Word Wheels to ask Darwin, the talking dino, questions about dinosaurs
● explore an epic land filled with caves, forests, rivers and even an erupting volcano
● enjoy the musical boneyard, river rapids, boulder bowling, lava slides and more
● unleash their creativity with the Berry Blaster to make your dinos stand out from the rest!
● fill a Storybook with their own adventure Tales, to be read with others
● explore the language of the stories by playing with verbs, adverbs and adjectives
● collect fossils and minerals to add to their Treasure Trove

In Parent Corner, parents can:
● set their pin code for protection
● choose the length of time their child plays the game
● set child’s reading age to make the game more personal
● receive email notifications when their child creates a new Tale to read together
● get help and advice about playing the game with your child

Find out more at: http://www.dinotalesgame.com
Join other adventurers on our Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/dinotalesgame
Follow us on Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/dinotalesgame

Privacy Policy
We take privacy very seriously. We do not collect or share personal information about you or your child. You can see our full policy at: http://dinotalesgame.com/documents/Dino_Tales_Privacy_Policy.pdf

This app includes no third party advertising.

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