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Dead Space App

Dead Space App

by Dead Space App


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Dead Space App
Dead Space App
Dead Space App
Dead Space App
Dead Space App

Dead Space App gives you access to the world of “Jam Bands” from the
developers of The Official Rolling Stones App and The Official Luke Bryan App.

Dead Space App is the first community app that is a “one stop” community
dedicated to the most renown “Jam Bands” in Rock and Roll history!

For .99 cents a month Dead Space App gives “Dead Heads” and lovers of all “Jam Bands” the ability to control their community and passion for music off the large social media sites. Simply put, the large social media sites do not offer the music and media content of Dead Space App and contain too much advertising, negative content and lack of updated posts to scroll.

What does Dead Space App offer?

-Post your own photos and content on the Fan Wall

-Relisten to enjoy all of your favorite bands’ live shows

-The major Jam Band Publications including Jambands, Jambase, and Jamwich

-Setlists of all shows of all major Jam Bands

-Cash or Trade Tickets. The best source of reasonably priced tickets for all Jam Bands

-The 10 most popular Jam Band podcasts right on the app

-Affiliate relationships with Spotify, Apple Music, Google Music and the other major streaming services.

-Access to many of the largest Jam Bands websites, concert dates and content right on the App.

-No advertising!

This is the “Jam Band” lovers paradise all in 1 app for only .99 cents a month!

The rules are simple: No politics, no trolling, and the desire to “Be Kind!”
So, get on the bus and share our love of “Jam Bands” with the family!!

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