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Daily Doodhwala

Daily Doodhwala

by Daily Doodhwala

Daily Doodhwala
Daily Doodhwala
Daily Doodhwala
Daily Doodhwala
Daily Doodhwala

Daily Doodhwala is the largest online milk delivery service in Pune. We introduce our milk delivery app designed and developed on the unique Indian habit of getting fresh milk delivered at home daily.
Over a thousand families, trust us with their everyday needs because hygiene and quality is our primary concern. We delivered fresh, natural and chilled milk daily to your doorstep as per your needs. Our product includes Cow Milk, Gir Cow Milk, Buffalo Milk, Ghee and many more to come.
Daily Doodhwala delivers milk every morning in between 6 AM to 9 AM and evening in between 7 PM to 10 PM based on your daily requirements. 
The best function in this app is you can create a subscription for one Liter or a half Liter of milk and you can stop deliveries altogether when you are out for vacation.

How our app work:
1. Install Daily Doodhwala App and sign up with your basic details.
2. Top-up your Daily Doodhwala wallet with any pre-defined amount or you can also request a cash collection.
3. Click on a product and select plans which consist of the trial plan and regular plan. Create custom subscriptions from the following plans.
Trial plan
The best thing in the trial pack is you have to order for 5 days and pay only for 4 days. Set a date and time according to your convenience. You can use this plan only for one time.
Regular plan
You can set your order on every day, alternate days or only for selected days. Set your subscriptions according to your needs.
4. Once your subscriptions are created, our excellent delivery team will place your order at your doorstep. Just open your door and pick it up as per the schedule you just created.

Our Benefits :
⦁    No additives or preservatives
⦁    Free delivery made easy
⦁    Farm to home fresh cow milk
⦁    The most hassle-free delivery system
⦁    Flexible subscription plans based on your needs
⦁    No delivery charges
⦁    Order till midnight 12 A.M., get it by early morning

Download the Daily Doodhwala App now, and enjoy online milk delivery at your home!
Suggestions are always welcome. Drop us a line at dailydoodhwala@gmail.com

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