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CutCrop: Video Editor & Maker

CutCrop: Video Editor & Maker

by FamousAppsStudio

CutCrop: Video Editor & Maker
CutCrop: Video Editor & Maker
CutCrop: Video Editor & Maker
CutCrop: Video Editor & Maker
CutCrop: Video Editor & Maker
CutCrop: Video Editor & Maker
CutCrop: Video Editor & Maker

🎥 CutCrop: Video Editor & Maker 🎥

Unleash your creativity with CutCrop, the ultimate video editing tool designed for both beginners and pros. Dive into a world of endless possibilities with features that transform your videos into cinematic masterpieces.

CutCrop: Video Master Editor & Maker is your all-in-one solution for crafting captivating content. Edit, trim, and enhance long and short videos for YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, and more. Seamlessly transform your stories and real videos with professional-grade tools. Elevate your social media game with CutCrop and create standout content that engages and entertains.


Free Video Editor & Video Maker
YouCut has the most useful features that other top pro YouTube video editor, or Tik Tok editor, slideshow maker app have, but Youcut is free and has no banner ads : )

Video Merger & Video Joiner
Merge video clips into one video. It is a professional video maker for YouTube, also the pro video cutter and video joiner, helps rotate video and crop video, compress and combine videos without losing quality.

Video Cutter & Video Trimmer
Cut and trim video to the length you need. Edit videos with music and rotate video. Export video in HD quality. Easy-to-use video maker, and the best video cutter and YouTube video editor.

Video Splitter & Video Slicer
Slice and split video into two separate video clips. Edit videos with music like a pro, totally free video editor and video maker for android.

Video Speed Control
Fast/slow motion, crop video and adjust video speed with video filters and effects. Take your IG Stories, TikToks & Reels to the next level!

Photo Slideshow Maker
Free video maker with music and photos, pro video editing app, merge photos to create status, slideshow.
Combine videos with photos, edit videos with music like a pro.
Slideshow maker, helps create slideshow in minutes(easy and fast).

No Watermark
As a free video editor for YouTube and video maker with music, YouCut will never add Watermark to your video.

No ads when editing videos
There is no banner ads on the screen when you are editing videos.

Add Music to Video
It is a pro video editing app and slideshow maker that meets your need in every way.
1. Add free featured music by CutCrop.
2. Add your own music.

Add Text to Video
Add text to video, many fonts & styles supported.

Video Filters and FX Effects
Add beautiful movie style video filters and FX effects to video. Video merger and video combiner without watermark.

Video Color Adjust
Adjust video brightness, contrast, saturation, etc. Customize video filters and effects. Best movie cutter and video crop app.

Change Video Aspect Ratio
Fit your video in any Aspect Ratios like 1:1, 16:9, 3:2, etc. No crop video maker free and video cutter app.

Change Video Background
Add different borders and no crop to your video.
1. Change the background color of your video.
2. Custom background as you need to meet social media app like Instagram with white background.
3. Don't like flat color? You can use blur background.

Video Compressor & Converter
1. Choose resolution to compress and convert your video.Best HD video maker free and video editing app.
2. CutCrop - Pro Tik Tok editor and mp4 editor supports resolution up to 4K.
3. CutCrop - one of the best editing apps that can save more than 90% size without losing much quality.

Video Cropper
Crop video to any ratio you want. Zoom in/out your video. For all editors, YouCut is also ready with Chroma-key, PIP, mosaic and reverse.

Share Video
Share video to social media like YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, etc.

🌟 Key Features 🌟
Video Transition Effects: Seamlessly blend scenes with professional transitions.

Video Filters & Effects: Enhance your videos with stunning filters and effects.

Text & Sticker: Personalize your clips with dynamic text and fun stickers.

Video Speed Control: Create slow motion or fast motion sequences with ease.

Ratio & Background: Optimize your videos for any platform with adjustable ratios and backgrounds.
Easy to Share: One-tap sharing to all your favorite social platforms.

Video Converter & Photo Slideshow Maker: Convert videos, create slideshows, and more.
Overlay Videos: Add a video over another for creative compositions.

Add Music: Elevate your videos with a soundtrack from our library or your own.

Video Compress & Crop: Save space without compromising on quality.

Video Trim: Cut out unwanted parts with precision.
Watermark: Protect your content with customizable watermarks.

Video to GIF, MP3, Audio: Convert videos to various formats.

Video Reverse: Play your videos backward for a unique effect.

Whether you're creating a vlog, a travel diary, or a birthday montage, CutCrop has got you covered. Dive into a user-friendly interface and make every moment count. Download now and start your video editing journey!

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