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Crazy Runner 2019 - The City Dash

Crazy Runner 2019 - The City Dash

by Mr

Crazy Runner 2019 - The City Dash
Crazy Runner 2019 - The City Dash
Crazy Runner 2019 - The City Dash
Crazy Runner 2019 - The City Dash
Crazy Runner 2019 - The City Dash

Crazy Runner 2019 - The City Run is a new generation game power packed endless running
game which will assure you great entertainment and enormous fun. Enjoy your journey through
the busy streets of the city having an endless run.
Choose a best character with suitable skin from the variety of coolest collection avatars
(characters) designed to bring the gaming experience to an ultimate level. Configure the perfect
character and start your adventure by running amidst the busiest streets of the city and
collection the valuable coins. The more gold coins you collect, the more you will score. The
more you will score, the more you will explore. The more you will explore, the more fun you
will have and that's the intent of this Crazy runner game.
Sounds pretty much easy! Isn't it? Well! Let me introduce some twist in the game. There will be
some definite obstacles to welcome you while you will be running fast and hard through the
city streets, and yes, you need to avoid them while collection the coins for sure. You can move
sideways or jump over them or slide through them to avoid collision with those obstacles,
deadly obstacles.
So the prime objective of this wonderful City Rush Runner game is to run through the streets of
the city to collect the coins and avoid the obstacles that come through the city run. So Run as
fast as possible, buck up your speed and get going.
To help you with the game play and yes of course, to addict you for the game and keep you
engaging, we have an In-App Store where you can buy upgrades to unlock special power ups
and boost your jumping skills for new characters (avatars) to run more efficiently and collect
more coins.
Amazing Features
3D realistic sounds
3D Coolest characters (avatars)
Stunning HD Graphics for thrilling experiences
Easy to play
One touch controls with Addictive & Beautiful Game play
Crazy endless running
So what are you waiting for? Go for it! Run and Collect the Coins. Have fun running like a crazy.
Thank you

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