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Cowboy Miners

Cowboy Miners

by Doros Games


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Cowboy Miners
Cowboy Miners
Cowboy Miners
Cowboy Miners
Cowboy Miners

Cowboy Miners comes to store with deluxe graphics.

The addictive narrative, beautiful graphics, and fantastic music will certainly satisfy you.

You live in the West where gold is the object of desire of everybody from man, woman, bandit, and even sheriff. Just select your favorite character and run for the Gold rush. You have to race with time to clear all gold in a level to go to the next one. You are able to travel to many beautiful places for collecting gold - from wild deserts to crowded cities. 

How to play? 

✓ Different from the classic style, the crane rope will not automatically swing in Cowboy Miners. You need to use the Left and Right button to move the cart to swing the rope. When the rope is aimed at a piece of gold, press the Down button to fire the crane then use both Up or Down button to reel it while avoiding rocks. 

✓ Remember that if your crane hit inactive golds, they will be dropped. There are only 02 active golds at the same time for you to catch. Don’t waste any gold, fire your crane carefully and accurately to get them all. 

✓ After completing a level, the remaining time will be added to the next level as the bonus time. The faster you clear a level, the more time is added to the next one. Your journey only stops if you cannot clear all gold when your time runs out. 

Game Modes:

✓ Stage mode: allows you to play the game without internet connection. Your target is only one - clear all of the gold, reach to the highest level before your time runs out. 

✓ Friend battle mode (coming soon): we do not require internet connection for this mode either, you and your friend only need to connect to the same wifi network and then go to the gold battle, the one who collects more gold will become the winner. 


✓ Addictive gameplay.
✓ Beautiful graphics and a friendly user interface. 
✓ Dynamic sound and music.
✓ 150+ stage to play and more is coming. 
✓ Unlock new character. 
✓ Boost equipments.
✓ Global leaderboard.

Good luck, cowboys!

If you have any question or suggestion to make the game better, do not hesitate to contact us at: [email protected] 

Like us and get our newest update at: https://www.facebook.com/dorosgames/

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