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Construction Vehicles Cargo Truck Game

Construction Vehicles Cargo Truck Game

by edna

Construction Vehicles Cargo Truck Game
Construction Vehicles Cargo Truck Game
Construction Vehicles Cargo Truck Game
Construction Vehicles Cargo Truck Game


Get ready for the game of heavy Construction vehicle modern transporter games. Your construction vehicle in the extra-large trailer cargo is started to go to their given destination. Construction machine loading over big truck with multiple carrier missions. Once the machines are driving inside the cargo truck then you will have to drive your truck and drop them on their construction destination. You have to show your perfect driving skills to manage the heavy truck. You have a transporter truck and multiple machines to drive. Challenge yourself to become an expert 3d driver of this heavyweight duty machine transport trailer truck. Manage and control a huge monster transporter truck and trailer carry journey into the city and highways for delivery construction machines. Vehicle road is awesome but congested area with challenges environments enhance its more features. Successfully complete the mission of cargo transporting trailer game and be the professional cargo truck driver.

Two fantastic modes with 30 different missions

1) Kids mode
2) Deluxe mode

In this simulation construction vehicle cargo truck transport game you feel that you are driving transporter trailer in real life. Drive cargo trailer carrying huge loads of machines is very difficult task. You will enjoy the features of all other transport games like shipment truck games, heavy truck load driving games all in one in this drive euro transportation wonderful brand new construction machines carrier truck driving games. Big construction cargo transporter 2017 simulation gives you enjoyment cargo trucker in a classic simulation games. You are the owner and driver of the transport trailer. Drive carefully while turning sharp turns. Enhance your driving skills and drive carefully put away from parking vehicles and traffic violations. You should be crazy because you are not only driving a huge dump but it contains expensive and luxurious sports cars .Your duty is to transport them safely. Time is too short so drive cargo truck free fast on complicated roads to deliver cargo in time.

The automobile trailer game also includes excellent building work station and market. The cargo transporter trailer truck 3d simulation will test your driving and parking skills. The truck driving simulation is real and addictive is a lot of fun to play. Several different camera views are available in this multi story bus transport 3d game you can change the Polaroid view by just pressing on the camera button. Control your truck with the race and brake pedal buttons on the bottom right corner. Brake button is also used to reverse the truck. Don’t over speed of your power engine vehicle because it may cause a dangerous accident or damaged the building material. The level of this construction cargo transporting truck 2017 3D game is fantastic, fun and crazy. 


• HD and related graphic.
• Mini 3 fantastic truck
• 4 different type of Construction Vehicle.(Mixer truck, Jcb, Four Clip, Bulldozer. )
• Realistic city environment
• Trailers trucks driving experience.
• Explore the city road environment
• User friendly controls
• Smooth game play
• Awesome Engine on/off sounds.
• Mini map available for travelling
• 5 Type different Camera mode (For Scene view)
• Localization in 4 Different Languages (Uk English, Japan, China, Arabic)

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