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Competish - Group Weight Loss

Competish - Group Weight Loss

by Competish Weight Challenge


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Competish - Group Weight Loss
Competish - Group Weight Loss
Competish - Group Weight Loss
Competish - Group Weight Loss
Competish - Group Weight Loss
Competish - Group Weight Loss

Competish makes losing a weight a fun game with your friends, family, and colleagues - it's better together!

Competish is a fun, easy, and effective way to lose weight with friends, family members, and colleagues! Are you looking to get in the best shape of your life? Do you need a boost in motivation, or a friendly challenge to spice up your diet?

This fun weight loss game helps you achieve your goals by pitting you against your friends and family to see who can lose the most weight. Let’s achieve your weight loss goals together with our weight loss competition game - because weight loss is better together!

Our weight loss challenge app lets you make a group with your friends and family to lose weight. Create a group, invite others to join, set your buy-in, and then weigh in daily - it’s that simple!

Each week, we pair you with someone different to keep the game interesting. Beat your competitor, and you win a prize! Beat the group, and you win more! At the end of the competition, the biggest losers reap the rewards.

Key Competish Features:

* Easily create a group and invite friends and family to get started

* Weigh in is as easy as taking a picture

* Chat with your group mates to taunt or congratulate them on weight loss

* Track progress against and see who is in the lead every week

* Keep tabs on your earnings

* Receive daily push notification weigh in reminders

* See your weight loss progress not just in the group, but for all time


Main aspects of Competish – Losing Weight App:

1) Compete with friend and family - it’s better together!

You may have used other losing weight apps or weight loss challenge calendars, but Competish offers you a new place to get in the best shape of your life with friends. Create a challenge for the best body shape and compete with your friends online by inviting them to the weight loss game fun. Our fun weight loss app helps to motivate you to lose weight

2) Weekly weight loss tracker

Our weight and body transformation challenge is a great way to motivate you to lose weight, both by yourself and together with your team. We calculate weight loss weekly so you can see how you’re doing relative to friends, and across the entire competition. This is a fun game for weight loss groups. If you want, this fun weight loss challenge with a friend app gives you the option to hide your weight - but still allows you to be the biggest loser!

3) Get fit with friends

Do you want to lose 5-10 pounds before your wedding? Or do you want to see who can lose the most weight and get the best body? Ramp up your weight loss challenge and competition in our chat - taunt the weight gainers or no shows, and celebrate the biggest losers among your friends and family.

Getting started is easy. First, create a group by setting the start date, duration, and the buy-in amount. Invite friends to join and once you reach the start date, start weighing in. You'll receive daily push notification reminders to weigh in if you haven't done so already. You can win a bunch of different prizes within Competish:

1) Weekly match-up: each week we'll pair you with someone new. If you lose more percentage weight than your match-up, you win this prize.

2) Weekly biggest loser: lose the highest percentage weight in your group and you win the weekly biggest loser prize

3) Competish first place: if you lose the most percentage weight in your group by the end of the Competish, you take home the big draw

4) Competish second place: if you lose the second-highest percentage weight, you get the runner-up prize.


Download this fun, free app and challenge your friends and family to the weight loss competition of their lives!

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