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A new Match 3 Fun is here with amazing Candyscapes, in which you have to go through the mysterious world, full of twisty fun and adventure. Get the new power ups with magical boosters by solving the multiple puzzles full of incredible challenges and test your brain sharpness in real time. Just switch and match three identical candies to solve the mystery and clear up the jewel board in no time. Start your adventurous journey from a simple match 3 puzzle mission and build your way toward more difficult and challenging missions. Discover the new delicious world which is full of exciting match 3 puzzles and solve all the brain teasers as soon as possible. Join the most addictive fun and adventure of your life and beat all the challenges brainteasers with comfort and ease. 

Play with Ease:

In Candyscapes 3D, you simply have to combine and match 3 identical candies to clear the jelly board. Match the candies in special patterns to unlock the magical boosters and candy bombs to clear your way fast. The super boosters come in handy to cope with difficult challenges& puzzles. So, try to get more super boosters and magical bombs by crushing the multiple special candies and score high to make some new records. Get addicted to the classic style candy matching game and spent your spare time in most adventurous manner. 

A New Mystery, Full of Suspense & Excitement:

The Candyscapes game has 100+ exciting and challenging candy missions with advanced brain teasing challenges and incredible puzzles. Just swipe your device screen to match 3 or more identical candies and crush them quickly to discover the more mysterious fun and adventure. Use the free switches and magic fingers to clear the jewel board fast and quickly complete each candy puzzle in time. You can buy the super boosters and special candies from the game store, using the in-app purchase option. Also, try to clear each jelly crush mission with 3 stars to get bonus packs and more magical boosters. So, download this amazing brain game with multiple new puzzles and challenges to enter the real fantasy world, full of endless joy and adventure. 

What’s inside Candyscapes?

 100 exciting match 3 game missions.
 Unique magical boosters & candy bombs.
 Tons of puzzles and brain teasers.
 Best board game ever.
 Time limit and fix number of move.
 Free to download.
 Works offline even without internet access. 

Easy Gameplay:

 Switch and match the candies to clear the jewel board.
 Cope with challenging puzzles, using super boosters.
 Use the free switch option to shake and cut the jewels.
 You can play this amazing puzzle game without internet.
 You have limited moves or fix time span to complete each candy mission.

Feel free to share the amazing Candyscapes with your friends and family and don’t forget to rate us. 

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